That One Time USPS Was Really Helpful featuring RoseRoseShop

That One Time USPS Was Really Helpful featuring RoseRoseShop


As an Asian Beauty newb, here’s one lesson that I’ve learned: Patience is a virtue.

A typical order for me (if I’m ordering off of a third party site) will take a month to get to me in California. It ships out of S. Korea, gets stuck in customs, gets sent to my local USPS and then it gets delivered to my humble abode. *cue confetti*

(Un)fortunately for me, this time around, my package got to me in a different way. But more on that later.

I’m not gonna lie and say, ‘OMG, I never look at Jolse/RRS/Testerkorea/etc… when I’m bored’. Because I totally do. All the time. So when I saw Skin79’s new cushions (for both oily and dry skin!), I had to have it. Especially when I saw the ‘swatches’ of the shades (just two shades). I had hope that the darkest would fit my skin tone.

Sidenote: I’m typically darker than most Korean shade selections.

Everywhere I searched had the new cushion at full price – I was so tempted – but then I read RoseRoseShop had recently stocked up on Skin79 products. I hopped on over there and voila, Skin79 cushion for half off. Damn skippy, I put that in my cart. Along with other products.

Peripera Lumi Pang in More More, Zymogen samples, Aritaum Ginger Sugar Lip Balm Stick, A’pieu Nature Easy Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown




Samples I received. Note: When I made this order, I did have to say to include samples with my order.






So, that was my haul. My first time ordering from RoseRoseShop was pretty…eventful. It ended up being placed in a PO Box. …thing is, I don’t have a PO Box. My mail carrier didn’t have any idea about it when I caught him delivering my mail. I called the post office and it was all sorted there. Apparently, my address wasn’t on the box but instead of returning my box to sender, the postman placed it in my aunt’s PO Box (since we have the same last name). Obviously, I don’t have access to her PO Box. So, the lady I was on the phone with ended up taking the package out of the PO locker and let me come in to pick it up.

I later learned it was my fault that my address wasn’t on there.

So, moral of the story? Lesson Two: Always double check the forms you’re filling out.



At First Swatch: Touch In Sol Paper Pusher

At First Swatch: Touch In Sol Paper Pusher


It’s been a while since I’ve done a mascara post.

If you follow my instagram (@fishscalekisses), then you may have seen this tiny mascara in one of my Sephora haul flat lays. If not, then surprise!

In a past Sephora haul, I picked up a travel sized duo of Touch in Sol (a Korean brand) mascaras; Paper Pusher and Stretchex. I’m not too sure why Touch in Sol/Sephora thought it was a good idea to put two lengthening mascaras together – wouldn’t it have been better to have one lengthening and one volumizing mascara?? Anyway. I initially bought it  because Paper Pusher was more interesting to me than Stretchex.

Oooh~ lengthening~ fibers~ no. Paper Pusher is a lengthening mascara, however, the catch is that it’s made with paper fibers from traditional Korean paper. A quick google search tells me Korean paper is called hanji


In short, I am impressed by this mascara. It does lengthen (which I need) and it comes off easily (with an oil cleanser or makeup wipe – but I wouldn’t want to rub too aggressively on my eyes – makes wrinkles and wrinkles bad). This doesn’t irritate my eyes as past mascaras have done and thank gawd for it. Sometimes, I forget that I’m wearing mascara and rub my eyes (it’s a really bad habit) and then I stop because, OMG, I must’ve ruined my mascara. But no. Not with this magic hanji mascara.

Check out dem fibers

My only gripe with this mascara is the flakiness. This product does tend to flake, even when I don’t rub my eyes. But….I can forgive it. It’s nothing a little makeup wipe swipe can’t fix.

I totally forgot to take a before shot of my lashes. So, here’s a small description. They’re short. They stick out straight. They uncurl with wet mascaras. Waterproof mascaras are my lashes BFFFL. The end. If you want photos, check out my blog posts here and here to get an idea of how my naked lashes look.

Can you see my soul yet?

This photo looks like nothing, but trust me. My lashes are definitely lengthened. What I love about this mascara is that it doesn’t make my lashes look like a clumpy, spidery lash mess. I love that it evenly coats my lashes without weighing them down (wet mascaras often to that do my lashes) and this isn’t even a waterproof version…if they had any. Both mascaras (Paper Pusher and Stretchex) come in one regular form, so either they’re waterproof already or…they’re definitely some mascara magic.

Hanji magic, side view version

If you’re interested in trying out this mascara, you’re out of luck if you try Touch in Sol’s US website. It’s not listed on their website. However, if you head on over to Sephora’s website, it’s definitely there for $22USD. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this mascara. Unfortunately, the travel sized version I have of Paper Pusher and Stretchex are no longer available on Sephora’s website. *sadfaiz* But don’t let that stop you from purchasing the full sized ones!




Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette

Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette


I’m trying to take my mind off being almost-sick right now. I’m sneezing, coughing, and sniffling and… I just need to forget that I’m feeling under the weather. So, here’s a little review. *grabs tissue box*

I purchased the Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette (phew) from Memebox during their Black Friday sale. At the time, it was a ‘surprise’ sale and I thought, “Well, if it’s being sold as a surprise, I guess I need it…” So I ordered it. Shipping from Memebox was pretty fast considering their US HQ is in San Francisco. I live in San Diego. How Colourpop packages comes later than Memebox packages confuse me but as long as they get to me…I’m good.

Pony, as far as I know, is a beauty guru person from Korea. She has a youtube channel, and that’s pretty much all I know. She’s also CL’s (music artist/2NE1) makeup artist. Anyway, onto the makeup.

In terms of Korean eye makeup, my knowledge goes as far as aegyo sal and light pigmentation. This is the first time I’m dabbling in eyeshadow so I pretty much didn’t know what to expect when I ordered this. Now that I’ve had some time to play around with this palette and get a feel for how to work the shades for my skintone; let me tell you my thoughts.


The shades are super pretty. Mattes and shimmery shades together are my favorite combos. I love me some mattes but I also love the pop of sheen on the eyelid. There are 8 shades as you can see. The palette does come with a plastic covering over the shadows that have their names on the corresponding shade. The palette itself is not a magnetic or snap closure. It just closes. It’s fine for me, I don’t mind. But some people may not appreciate a satisfying snap when the palette closes. I also wish the shade names were printed under the shades, but I can keep the plastic thing on there. I also intend to keep the film on the mirror because these shadows are pow-der-y.

swatch 1.jpg

These are the shimmery shades – all swatched once. Take what you will from my swatches. I personally don’t care for these shimmery shades aside from Shine Gold and Shine Rosegold. Pigmentation on the eyelid is not that great but it’s buildable. Using a damp brush with the shadows doesn’t help as much. So, it’s best to just build up the color as you do your makeup.

Shine Gold is easily the shade that gives off the most pigmentation and while Shine Rosegold is really, really light, it’s also an easy shade to add on top of a matte shade to give it a sheen. Or it can be placed over bare (or primed) skin to bright light into the eye.

Glam Cocoa and Glam Espresso are pretty meh to me. They look pretty but again, you have to build up the color in order to get good opacity.

swatch 2.jpg

Here are the mattes – I’m pretty sure I built up the colors on these swatches, so these are as not pigmented as the shimmery shades. I’m not too fond of these matte shades, particularly Easy Shadow. That shade just disappears on to the my skin until I build it up and it looks like I haven’t even blended anything. The matte shades, however, are easily mixable (as I often do with this palette) and they blend away fairly well. I can’t see Easy Brown or Easy Shadow showing up on darker skin tones. So, if you’re darker than me or darker than Easy Brown, it’ll be tough getting these shades to show up on your skin.

Overall, I’m a little disappointed in this palette. I had hoped for better pigmentation. I like my base makeup to be natural but I want my eyes to stand out. This palette doesn’t make it easy for me to do that (unless I build upon the pigmentation). But seeing as this is my first time using Korean eye makeup, I know better for next time. If you’re interested in this palette, this is still available on Memebox’s website and retails for $30USD.



Rebel Romantic Collection; Kiko Cosmetics

Rebel Romantic Collection; Kiko Cosmetics


Oh, Kiko Cosmetics, quit breakin’ my heeaaaarrrrrrrtttt~

Sometime during the past holidays, I took a gander at Kiko Cosmetics’ website and OMG, lo and behold – a sale. I checked it out real quick and my beloved Rebel Romantic collection was on sale!

My thoughts while looking at the sale page:

1) OMG, finally. I’ve been waiting for this collection to go on sale since it came out.

2) OMG, why. Now this means stock is limited and the collection will soon phase out ;_______;

And with free shipping starting at $15USD, I had no hesitation. So I virtually plopped in a bronzer, blush, and lipstick into my cart and clicked SEND IT TO ME MEOW NAO.

Here it is, in its pretty packaging and how could I ever throw away those boxes T__T the texture of the packaging feels rubbery and cardboard-y at the same time (?!). I digress.


The packaging of the blush and bronzer is lightweight and plasticky but pretty. The lipstick packaging is also lightweight (but a little more heavy) and has a magnetic closure. The blush and bronzer have a snap closure.

I’m really excited to try out the bronzer. It reminds me of certain Charlotte Tilbury products, however, I’m sure those are marketed as blush and not bronzer.


There were two shades of the Perfecting Bronzer in this collection. I purchased the darker shade in Medium to Dark. As I recall, the lighter shade of bronzer had a pink circle in the middle. The color in the middle is supposed to be a perfecting powder and provides a matte and radiant finish on the skin. Claims on the website state this has a wild rose scent and it sure does! It’s not offensive to the nose (at least mine).


The Rebel Bouncy Blush came in 4 shades. I previously picked up Velvety Peach and here I have Treasure Rose. The texture is soft and bouncy as the name states. I compared this to the Maybelline Bouncy Blush that is (was?) in stores a while back. I’ve never tried the Maybelline version so I can’t compare the two products. But I absolutely loved Velvety Peach and was sad when it was sold out on the website.

This blush comes off as matte on the skin and definitely looks natural when blended out. Speaking of blending, the formulation of the product makes it super easy to blend out. In my swatches (at the bottom of the post), I built up the opacity of the blush and bronzer because they come out slightly light – which I don’t mind at all! It just makes it easier to make your makeup look at natural as possible (which I’m totally into right now).

The detail <3

Lastly, I couldn’t resist. I picked up another Intensely Lavish Lipstick in 04 Mild Sangria. The formula is soft and creamy and feels like nothing on the lips. I have deep regrets. I should have picked up all the shades when I had the chance. Now I have none ;_____;

My only gripe with the lipstick is that the name of the shade isn’t on the tube. It’s just ’04’ which is great, but I’d like a name, please. The other lipstick shade I have is in 02 Pretty Mauve.

Top to Bottom: Bronzer + Lavender Perfecting Powder, Lavender Perfecting Powder only, Bronzer only, Treasure Rose Blush, Mild Sangria lipstick

I am seriously impressed with Kiko Cosmetics. I appreciate that the shades aren’t so pigmented at first swatch where it becomes hard to blend out. It might be an issue for some people but for me it works out just fine. I honestly am thinking about my next purchase. They have some new products (not limited edition!!) and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Kiko Haul Part 3 is definitely in my future :D



Missha M Magic Cushion Review

Missha M Magic Cushion Review


I have had this product for a very long time. Almost since August, I think. I won this product from the Missha website when they were running a contest for this product.

I really didn’t think I’d receive it, but there it was at my door. Unfortunately, at the time it came, I was too dark to wear it out in public. However, now (5 months later) I’m able to wear it out comfortably! I caution you, this is very pic-heavy.


Claims~ Click to enlarge!



As you can see, I’m in the shade 23 (Natural Beige) which is the darkest shade currently available. I have heard that Missha plans to expand their shade range to darker skin tones akin to their Perfect Cover BB cream line. So far, from what I’ve tried, their claims are legit. I don’t find myself too oily with this product and it doesn’t rub off quickly. However, there is slight oxidizing. When I first apply it, the color is a little light however, as time goes on, the shade begins to match my skin tone. I was a little worried about it since I felt the shade was noticeable, however, I took a look at my makeup in my boyfriend’s bathroom (which has really great lighting) and the match was perfect.



The sponge that comes with the cushion is a standard rubycell cushion. It is supposed to be antimicrobial – which I don’t know anything about since I wash my rubycell puffs when it becomes dirty. These sponges are a little different from ones that I’ve tried (Laneige and Innisfree). The Missha rubycell sponge is a little thin and it’s also a little harder to clean. But I make do with it. I do like how it feels though. It’s very soft.


As with all cushion compacts this comes in a case where you can pop out the cushion when it’s empty and replace it with a new one. As of right now, I feel like I have plenty of product in the cushion and won’t be repurchasing any time soon. But I do plan on buying a backup of 23 and if they release the newer shades, I’m definitely picking up a shade darker. This cushion is slowly becoming my favorite. There is a fragrance to it, so if you’re sensitive to fragrance this product may bother you. However, from what I’ve experienced, the scent is undetectable on the skin.

This does come sealed. I just got too impatient and ripped it off.
A close up of the pores!

I feel like the sponge that the foundation is housed in, allows a little too much of the product to get onto the puff. I find myself trying to control how much I press into the sponge in order to get an appropriate amount onto the puff. I’m worried about pressing too hard and getting too much product. In comparison to Laneige and Innisfree cushion compacts, the pores of the product seem to be a little big bigger than the others. That may be why too much product kind of gets into the puff. Hopefully, that will change if they come out with their newer shades.



I took these photos when I was still a little dark and as you can see the shade was light for me. I did blend it out the in the second photo (under the swatch), however I still feel like it was too light so I just kept it in my drawer until I got lighter. Given how it blended out when I was darker, I could probably get away with wearing this in the summertime, but I don’t want to risk looking like I don’t know makeup.

I will definitely keep wearing this until I get too dark for it again.

Here’s how it currently wears on me (just the cushion, no concealer) + my always messy vanity in the background..