L’Oreal LA Palette Nude 2

La Palette Nude 2
La Palette Nude 2

This is probably one of the greatest, cheapest buys I have ever made.

Once upon a time, Rite-Aid had a 40% off sale on L’Oreal cosmetics (much like the Ulta sale going on right now, *HINTHINT*). I initially bought the Infallible LiquidΒ Lip Color in Everlasting Caramel and the Infallible Eyeshadow shade in Amber Rush. When I went over my receipt, lo and behold, a $4 off L’Oreal La Nude Palette coupon was included (amongst other coupons) in my receipt. So, you know, I went back the next day to pluck this palette off the display (THE LAST ONE ON THE DISPLAY, might I add). And here it is, in all it’s beautiful glory.

The pigmentation of these shadows is superb! Very soft and buttery, a bit powdery but, I don’t find that to be a very big problem. The packaging is a little bulky and a little on the heavier side as it’s made with plastic and not cardboard. There is a mirror included, which is a plus, and a dual ended brush.

The staying power of these shades is really great. I’ve worn these for a full 8 hours without any creasing or fading. I haven’t worn these by themselves, as I have oily lids and always use a base.However, swatching them without a base makes the shadows look a little light. That might be a problem for those who don’t use eyeshadow bases but I think it’s great since it’ll be hard to look like you’ve got a bruised eye (not done on purpose, of course). In my swatches, I used a base and built up the color of shades.

The only downside that I can see with this palette is that there aren’t any names for each of the shadows. They’re just numbered but, I would much prefer eyeshadow names. Other than that, I really like this palette. I haven’t tried the Maybelline eyeshadow palettes, so I can’t compare with that. This palette does offer four different looks on the back of the palette, so if you’re a n00b like me, they’ve got you covered.

The first four shades of the Nude 2 palette
The first half of the Nude 2 palette
The second half of the Nude 2 palette
The second half of the Nude 2 palette

With this sale going on at Ulta (40% off L’Oreal, NYX, Physician’s Formula, and Neutrogena), I hope this palette is one of your considerations. It’s a really great investment for a beginner palette with seriously beautiful shades.

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Profusion Feline Liquid Lip Lacquers – Mini-Review and Swatches

Feline Lip Lacquers in Cheshire, and Meow
Feline Lip Lacquers in Cheshire, and Meow
Feline Lip Lacquers in Cheshire, and Meow

First off, I just want to apologize for being MIA on my blog. Before I knew it, school started and BAM, all the coursework just started pouring in one after the other, after the other. It’s finally summer break, but school will start again in August, so, I’m just trying to take in everything before I go back to hell school.

So, here I am with a little post about these lip lacquers I purchased a big while back. I do believe these came out in 2014, around Christmas time, if I’m not mistaken. Sometime around then. These were mainly found inside Walgreens in their dollar bin areas – and let me tell you, THESE WERE SO HYPED UP ON INSTAGRAM. Every IG post I came across, had these lip lacquers posted, glorifying them for their pigmentation.

So, I caved and bought some. I initially bought 4 but the light pink shade (I forget the name) was wayyyy too pink (too…Nicki Minaj-ish during her Barbie era) and so I returned it. For $1 a pop, I figured these weren’t too steep of a purchase.

From top to bottom: Meow, Whiskers, Cheshire
From top to bottom: Meow, Whiskers, Cheshire

For the price, these babes do their job. The pigmentation is phenomenal and the scent isn’t very offensive. However, these doesn’t necessarily ‘set’ – they stay wet on the lips and therefore can easily rub off. You’d have to blot them – and one thing, these products don’t stain the lips, with the exception of Whiskers (that cat, is my kind of shade), these lip lacquers just…apply well and come off easily. Whiskers, on the other hand, does stain the lips very beautifully and so quickly after swatching.

Would I consider buying them again should I see them in store? To be quite honest, no. I don’t find these products to be particularly exciting, especially compared to the big Matte Lip Paint/Stains/Can’t Be Removed Unless with Oil lip products that seem to be all the rage now. I’d say, save up those dollars and invest in something more…worthy. Like the Girlactik Lip Paint (there might be a review/swatch in store for that one. Just need to decide whether or not I need Demure in my life…).

As promised, here are the swatches for Meow, Cheshire, and Whiskers.


As always, thanks for reading! And, to my surprise, I gained readers while I was on a hiatus. So, welcome! I hope you like what you see! ;)

– Lorraine

Review: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Medium/Deep


I was super excited when I heard Maybelline was coming out with a BB cream targeted for oily skinned gals. The Dream Fresh BB cream is for normal skin type girls and I didn’t want to take any chances and end up with a greasy face using that product.

But I digress.


I’m sure we’re all familiar with how American BB creams are no where near to being the same as Asian BB creams. I still have to buy and test out an Asian BB cream TT^TT. This BB cream is no exception. The only glorifying aspect of this product is its salicylic acid ingredient (which may or may not be a problem, more on that later). I do know that this product, outside of the US, contain SPF while the US version does not. *sadfaiz*

On the upside, this product was pleasantly surprising. The coverage is light/medium and evens out my skin tone very well. I have to say, I bought the wrong shade at first. The medium shade is very pinkish while the medium/deep is more suited for yellow-toned skin. I’m usually a medium in most foundation, a little on the darker side since it’s summer. *sidenote: I’m a MAC cosmetics virgin /)_____(\ so I can’t give you a MAC comparison in terms of skin tone.*

The product is very creamy and a little thick. It’s not heavy but if you accidentally pile on the makeup, it can feel cakey and heavy. On my skin, it feels a little sticky/tacky once I apply it and it takes some time to set. This product also transfers when I plot with an oil blotting sheet or if I accidentally rub my face against a shirt.


This BB cream doesn’t give me a lot of oil control, either. I typically get oily within 3 or 4 hours and this is no exception. I don’t mind however for a product targeted for oily gals, I would’ve hoped for more oil control.

As for the salicylic acid ingredient, I can’t say that it has helped my acne or made my acne worse. I do know that salicylic acid has broken my skin out but I didn’t experience any breakouts with this product.

I do like this product but I hardly reach for this nowadays. /)________(\ mainly because I’m trying to cut salicylic acid out of my skincare life. Overall, this is a nice product to try if salicylic acid doesn’t bother you and if you’re not super oily (like only on the t-zone).

I do believe I picked this up at Walmart for $6-7USD. I rarely see Maybelline coupons but if there’s a sale, definitely give it a try. :)

Here are some pictures of the coverage.

Without any product

Dotted on one half of my face

Coverage on left side and nothing on the right side

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Hair Growth Diary Vol VII


Surprise! See anything different?

I got a haircut! I got a little tired of my single layered hair, so I went in to the beauty salon, got some layers, and trimmed my bangs a little.

To be honest, I never know what I want when I go in for a haircut.

My hairstylist knew >____> hahaha. But I decided on a v-cut and since my hair was still a little short to cut it into that shape, she trimmed it so when my hair grows out it’ll grow into a v-cut.

Here’s a picture of it, right when I left the salon.


I do believe I got my hair cut around the end of July. So, it’s definitely grown a little since then.

Here’s a side view.


And here’s a view of the back.


I haven’t done anything differently in terms of hair washing. I still use the three products I used last month. I am running low of those so I might just go back to the OGX Biotin and Collagen s/c, but we’ll see!

I did recently buy castor oil (mainly for my lashes and eyebrows) but I am thinking of doing a hair oil treatment. Still gotta do a lot of research on that, though :)

Here’s a final view, from the front.


Hopefully, this cut will grow into something pretty. As of today, I’m officially done with haircuts (until I need a trim, haha).

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At First Swatch: Maybelline Pumped Up Mascara in Waterproof


‘What?!,’ you say. ‘Another AFS of a mascara??’

I know, I know, I just did one on L’Oreal’s Telescopic Extensions mascara (also in waterproof). But I couldn’t pass this up, when my friend recommended it to me. And you know, I was out and about in Walmart…happened to be in the beauty aisle…

Magically appeared in my hands, what can I say? :)

Maybelline mascaras and I go way back, especially the Volum’Express line. OMG, first loves and some duds.

I’m happy to report this mascara is an absolute love!

Here are my lashes, uncurled.
They are short and stick out straight. Definitely not long and luscious, like I want them to be.

My lashes, curled.
Now that I see this photo, I can definitely saw my lashes need some major help in length and volume. TT________TT

My lashes with one coat of Maybelline Pumped Up mascara.

It may not look like much but believe me, in person, it’s so much better. It doesn’t clump up my lashes like crazy and it doesn’t flake either. The brush is majorly big, so it does smudge a little onto my eyelids.


The wand itself, it’s very much like a traditional mascara wand. It’s still plasticky and not like traditional brush bristles. The scent itself isn’t offensive. The tube is a little large. I don’t know what Maybelline was thinking when they did the packaging for this but, eh.

Overall, I think this mascara would be better suited for eyes with longer lashes but, it works well for short lashes. The curl stays all day, even when I cry from laughter. I would recommend this but do be careful of the large brush.

Thanks for reading!