An introduction of sorts.

Hello! Fishscalekisses is my little makeup review blog, basically. And sort of my inventory of what I’ve used.

Little tidbits about myself, I am not into very intricate makeup-y things. I like looking at them but doing them myself, nooooo. That being said, I don’t do eyeshadow very much. I’m dipping my toes a little. I do very much enjoy a good cat eye. I’ve tried pencils, markers, brush and felt tip liners. I have combo/oily skin, therefore I am always on the lookout for primers, pore minimizers, things like that to keep my face looking on point all day. Most importantly though, I adore lipstick. If I could just have all the lipstick in the world, I’d be a happy girl.

Well, that’ it. Here’s to reviews to come. Also, fish scales. Because they do get put in lipstick.



Tell me your thoughts!

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