Covergirl Outlast Flamed Out Mascara | Review

CG Flamed Out unopened

Two words. This sucks.

I saw this mascara on display at Target, but I do believe I picked this up at Walmart. I’m fairly new to Covergirl mascaras, having only tried two others before this and I have to say – this didn’t perform very well on me.

I bought this mascara in waterproof, as my lashes are short and waterproof tends to hold a curl better than non-waterproof. The formula is dry. It’s not very wet at all, so for those who like dry formulas this might do well for you. The brush itself kind of reminds me of Rimmel”s Sexy Curves.

CG Flamed Out openedCG Flamed Out brush

See how the brush is kind of curvy? The bristles aren’t plastic-y though, like Rimmel’s. They’re more like brushes. I didn’t have any problems applying this mascara with this kind of brush. From Covergirl’s website, this mascara promises – “Maximum volume instantly, water resistant formula, and bold winged out lash look.” I can tell you, I didn’t experience any of those. Maybe it’s because my lashes are somewhat short, but I didn’t see any volumizing magic. The color, in Black Blaze, wasn’t very dark. I did get the second darkest color though, so the Very Black Blaze (the darkest) should be darker.

In all honesty, I set aside this mascara for the week to use. After a couple days of using it, I stopped reaching for it and went back to my trusty Maybelline Plush + Loreal Voluminous combo. The volume wasn’t there, the color wasn’t there (though, that’s more on my part), and the mascara smeared on me at the end of the day. It’s safe to say, I won’t be reaching for this anymore. It just didn’t perform to what I had hoped.

Availability:Β At most drugstores; Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Walmart, Ulta

Price: Around $5-7

FSK Rating: one out of five. It’s a regular mascara that I won’t ever reach for again.



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