Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick | Review

MaybF5Hello! Apologies for the this late review. I’ve recently bought a new primer and used it with this and the L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation (review here). That primer took me to new heights! But, more on that next time. Today, let’s just focus on this little guy. Baby steps, guys.

And I do really mean, little guy. This foundation stick weighs in at 0.32 ounces as opposed to the usual 1 fluid ounce at the drugstore. I first swatched this at CVS where I spotted the new foundation line. There were no samples out for trying, so just be careful if you’re out to pick this up. Some containers are opened. I do believe CVS (as well as Walgreens and Rite-Aid) have this priced at around 8.99 but I bought this at Target for 6.99. Unopened, at that! *sidenote: Maybelline very rarely has coupons in the mail or online 😦 /sidenote

According to Maybelline’s website: “Our first gel stick foundation with an anti-shine core. Fresh gel foundation blends to a flawless matte finish. Lightweight powders in the anti-shine core instantly dissolve excess oil.”

Warning: I do like this very, very much.

It’s creamy and blends easily into my skin. I apply this directly to my face and it just glides on. Way to make my foundation routine in the morning more quick, Maybelline. The coverage is light – I don’t want to say that it’s light to medium coverage, though. Perhaps, light to light/medium coverage. It does not conceal all blemishes, though. So, acne, very dark circles won’t get covered with this foundation. I feel this does give a matte finish, but I do use a setting powder over this foundation. Also, I feel dry skin types might not like this as much as oily skin types – given that this foundation was formulated for more oilier skinned girls (or guys, whoever wears this).



I wore this foundation using a primer (Benefit’s Porefessional and Rimmel’s Fix and Perfect Pro Primer in 002), with a setting powder and a setting spray and found this wore for a good 7 hours. Some of the foundation had rubbed off, especially on the mouth area and my nose (the places that I have a habit of touching, unfortunately). For good wear time, 5 hours is best. I don’t tend to wear my makeup late into the night, so around 5 hours of wear time is okay for me. By the end of hour 8, I was very oily and shiny. So, the anti-shine core doesn’t last for long.

Overall, I enjoy using this foundation. I use this mainly for just going out – seriously, I just thought about buying another stick. This foundation sticks comes in 12 colors.

Availability: Target, Walmart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, Ulta

Price: $6-8, depending on where it’s bought

FSK Rating: Freaking, five out of five


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