Merino Cool Is The Guy You Wanna Know


So, last night I was painting my nails before bed. At first I used Essie’s Chinchilly. It hasn’t received a lot of love from me and now I think I remember why.


In the bottle, Chinchilly is a cool grey purple – very pretty. On the nails, it goes on very streaky. Two coats is enough to get an opaque color. But it was too streaky for me, so I decided to change colors but keep it in the same color family.


Merino Cool, oh, Merino Cool. I would describe Merino Cool like this. Girl, you know Chinchilly be your homeboy. He’s cute and tries hard to make you like him. But he’s a little awkward. So, you go over Chinchilly’s house just to hang out and there he is, going into the kitchen just to get a little snack – Merino Cool. Chinchilly’s older, hotter, and more mature brother. And you can’t help but stare. His moves are smooth, with his hair combed back and his eyes look like they could make any girl faint. But you’re staring too long, girl. He catches your eye, smiles, and says hi. And you just blush and squeak out a small hello, yourself.

You just can’t keep your eyes off him.

Merino Cool in the bottle is a darker, cool purple. So, so pretty. And it applies much more better than Chinchilly. I have two coats on my nails, though, I think one coat would be good enough – if it’s evenly applied.

Essie nail polish retail for around $8, fyi. I think it’s worth it.

Oh, and PS TGIF!


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