Initial Thoughts: Face It Eyebrow Cake Powder in 02 Khaki Grey


Guys, I just started in the brow biz. When I first began applying makeup, eyebrows didn’t cross my mind because I never had them professionally done (trimmed, shaped, what have you) and my brows can grow out pretty darn full (read: I inherited bushy brows). Fast forward four years and I’ve had my eyebrows threaded – almost to the point where I don’t tear up when my do it – and I’m actually seeing some sparse areas, which worries me but that’s why we have eyebrow powders, and pencils, and waxes, right?


The Face It Designing Eyebrow Cake Powder comes pretty standard with two eyebrow powders, one brush, and one spoolie. The darker eyebrow powder looks like a grey-ish black, while the other looks straight up khaki colored. I have to say, I was a little hesitant when I saw this in the boutique. I know the general rule for eyebrow colors is 1-2 shades lighter if you have dark hair and 1-2 shades darker if you have light hair. So this is just a little bit concerning, seeing how the first set (the 01 shade) looked way too light for me.


But I swear to you, it’s not. It shouldn’t be. Don’t be scared of darker colors!

Because the pigmentation of this bad boy is very light. We all like those natural looking brows, yes? Not the ones that make you look like you’re angry all the time. I hope. This brow powder is perfect if you want natural looking brows. Pigmentation comparison to the Urban Decay Brow Box, UDBB wins because the pigmentation just blows TFS’s Face It Cake Powder out of the water. Note: I just thought of this, if your brows are fairly full, not a lot of sparse areas, I would highly recommend The Face Shop’s brow powder. Because the pigmentation is so light, your eyebrows wouldn’t looks so drawn on as opposed to the UDBB – which, with a heavy hand, can look a bit…scary.

From R-L: Light color, dark color, light color (heavy swatch), dark color (heavy swatch)
From R-L: Light color, dark color, light color (heavy swatch), dark color (heavy swatch)

I want to point out real quick the brush that the powders come with. It’s different than most brushes that I’ve used/seen for eyebrow use. The bristles are thick, bunched together thick so that the product gets picked up more easily.


In comparison to the ELF Small Angled Brush that I typically use to fill in my brows, the brush is fairly thick. But it works so well with the product that I switch between the ELF brush and the eyebrow brush. I am also considering buying it, but I haven’t taken a good look at the brush section of the boutique yet.

All in all, I like this product very, very much. It fills in my brows well, makes them look natural, and if I keep my fingers away from my face, they last all day. My only grievance with this product is that, there is no wax included. If I want my eyebrows stay, I will use the wax that is included in the Urban Decay Brow Box. Most days I go without wax, but I’d like it if there was wax included for convenience. This also gives me an excuse to buy an eyebrow gel since I’ve never tried one but… Must resist urge.

Thanks for reading!


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