One Thing I Wish I Had and A Walgreens Haul


It is so hot. Hotter than a BBQ on a summer day. Hotter than a fresh pot of coffee. Hotter than the sand on the beach.

I didn’t think it’d be so hot. My mind was so wrong.

1. I wish I had a pool.

It’s been hot in San Diego, lately and I need one. Most definitely! Regardless of the temperature outside, I’d jump in a pool right away. Mm, with an ice cold beverage waiting for me when I get out and somebody to fan me with those gigantic fancy fans! Ooooh, yea!

But unfortunately, I don’t. But I hauled it today and that’s good enough for me! Kind of. Still wish I had a pool though.


Wet n Wild Fergie Lipsticks in Bebot Love


Jordana 7″ eyeliner pencil in 02 Black


Wet n Wild MegaLash Waterproof Mascara in C143 Very Black

Thanks for looking! Here I go again to daydream about having a pool…

TGIF! It better not be this hot tomorrow…


Tell me your thoughts!

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