At First Swatch: Beauty Concepts Nail Polish Set


AKA I’m still kicking my @ss for not picking up that Color Club Nail Polish set at Marshall’s.

I stopped by Marshall’s after my doctor’s appointment to hunt down that accursed set but to my disappointment, there were none left! I should really make a mental note.

*Note to Self: See it, buy it.

I didn’t see it around the usual beauty area so I headed towards the register line where they keep more goodies – side note: ALWAYS check the register lines, they keep the good stuff there! /side note. I spotted this set underneath single bottles of nail polish and opened boxes of E.L.F Nail sets. Eight bottles or under ten bucks? Yes, please!

This set comes in a magnetic box that opens – quite handy for keeping stuff – and is organized into Day and Night polishes. The polishes are small, mini-sized, really – but I don’t mind. There are eight polishes, four day polishes and four night polishes.

The only drawback these polishes have is that there’s no name for the polishes! I would’ve liked some names but these are No-Name polishes :[



I think these polishes are quite cute, don’t you think? The polishes go on sheer, with the exception of the dark blue (which you’ll see!), so all swatches are two coats. The consistency is really thin (me likes!) and not at all very messy. This set retails for 6.99 at Marshall’s. I don’t think all Marshall’s will carry this set – you’ll have to go on a polish hunt to find this one. At my local Marshall’s, I only saw one of this set.

Please excuse my messy swatches!











Out of all of these polishes, the purple was my least favorite. It didn’t seem to apply smoothly when I put it on. The the second to last color is my absolute fave! But it stained, the dark blue also stained a little bit. The champagne color, oh that was just beautiful application and a beautiful finish.

If you’re ever within a Marshall’s location, stop by and check these out!

And PS, the aftermath.



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