Initial Thoughts: Jordana 7″ Eyeliner Pencil


First and foremost, OMG. I apologize if I seemed a little quiet this month. School just came up and bit me in the @ss. But I have a little down time, so hopefully, I can get in this post.

A week ago, I think, I purchased this eyeliner from Walgreens, on sale for $1.29. I’ve never tried a Jordana product or read a review of Jordana, so I thought I’d give this a try.

Oh, dear.


The pencil is suuuuper long. Much longer than any standard drugstore eyeliner pencil. The color looks pigmented and it looks like it’ll glide on. But, don’t let that fool you.

I wish I could say this swatched beautifully and performance was good. But that’s all wrong. So, very wrong. The swatches I have are from going over the lines to make it dark. The pencil felt very waxy – almost like a colored pencil, in fact this could be a color pencil. If I ever have to color anything for class, I’m picking this.


This product claims to be smudgeproof. Um, no. This also claims to have a dense color, that resists fading. At first swatch, um, no. After going over it a couple times, yea, but I doubt anyone wants to do that. I typically apply eyeliner to my tightline and my upper lid and I do not want to go over any line, with a pencil at that, to get a saturated color.


I’m very disappointed. For my first adventure in Jordana cosmetics, it hasn’t been a good one. But hopefully, the more products I try, the more I will find some products that work well for me. My local Walgreens hasn’t stocked up on their Jordana display but I hope to see some soon.


Tell me your thoughts!

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