Initial Thoughts: ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose


I picked this up at my local Dollar Tree for, surprise, a dollar.

I’ve seen these around Target but I’m not too interested in ELF cosmetics. I’m always down to try their brushes but their cosmetics doesn’t appeal to me very much.

But a lack of interest in a brand doesn’t stop me from trying out a product!

I don’t know much about this lip color line. They come in six colors and retail for $3 on the eyelipsface website as well as Target. And Marshall’s for that matter but ELF at Marshall’s tend to be already opened by previous customers 😦

They say it’s supposed to be moisturizing and filled with A, C, and E. Going on the lips, they feel very smooth. But unfortunately, the color didn’t work so hot on me.

I look like a zombie with it on! With a name like Tea Rose, I would’ve expected something…oh, pinker?



There were only two colors at my Dollar Tree. Tea Rose and some nude color. I would guess Target has a larger selection and should I come across this lip color line again, I’d think long and hard about purchasing one.


Tell me your thoughts!

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