Meet My Makeup Wipe Boyfriend


The first time I went into a TFS boutique was in the Philippines. I was on the search for a BB cream – didn’t find one I liked – but I came away with the most perfect makeup wipe I have ever used. Silly me got the travel sized one, assuming I wouldn’t like it. Lo and behold, it was love at first swipe. I couldn’t bear to use it all so I kept it safe in my drawer, using cheaper alternatives. But now, that is no more (kind of). I’ve found you again, my love, and I ain’t letting you go again.

I am most definitely serious when I say that I love this makeup wipe. I actually do. This is my makeup wipe boyfriend. Sure, we don’t go on dates but he still makes me feel good at the end of my long day. He doesn’t cook me dinner or serve me breakfast in bed, but hey, not all makeup wipe boyfriends are perfect.

I won’t put anyone – makeup wipe – on blast but they certainly don’t compare to The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes, in my opinion. I’ve tried out a couple makeup wipe in the past – Pond’s, Simple, Aveeno, and Epielle.

The closest in texture is probably Aveeno. The Herb Day Cleansing Wipes leave behind a little residue. It’s not a problem for me but it might be for some people. The wipes are thick (I likey) and every wipe is moist (I likey!). The Epielle wipes is a Korean brand makeup wipe but the wipes tend to be thin and dry out a bit once you’re nearing the last wipe.

I have not experienced any break outs using this makeup wipe and it does a great job removing all my makeup. For fiber-based mascaras ( ex: Majolica Majorca Lash Expander), you may need to wipe off your mascara with an eye makeup remover but other than that, this baby removes everything else.

The baby Herb Day Cleansing Wipes I picked up from the PI – I do believe from Mall of Asia.

They’re almost finished! I’m worried when I finish these, I’ll blow through the larger count makeup wipes like chocolate. Which, I go through chocolate pretty quick. You’d be surprised.


Big wipes come sealed!

If you’re ever in an area with a The Face Shop boutique – run, don’t walk, and grab these makeup wipes!!!


Tell me your thoughts!

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