At First Swatch: Flower Cosmetics – Velvety Lip Color in Tender Tuberose, Creme Blush in Primose and Proper, and On Your Mark Liquid Eyeliner


The more I went through the packaging for this line, the more I fell in love with Flower Cosmetics. Drew Barrymore knows how to dress them, yo!


Velvet Lip Color



Tender Tuberose is only one of nine Velvet Lip Colors by Drew Barrymore. Honestly, in store they all looked pretty and one day, I’ll have them all. *insert evil laugh*

The color is pretty opaque and a little creamy. I likes! There’s no scent, at least I can’t recall any scent.



There was one lipstick that I wanted – the High-Shine Lip Color in Ginger Lily. I couldn’t find any tubes (that weren’t tampered with), so my search continues in other Walmarts of San Diego.

Win Some, Rouge Some Creme Blush



Primrose and Proper is one of six creme blushes of the Flower Cosmetics line. I haven’t had success with creme blushes before. Swatching this kind of felt smooth, pigmentation was pretty opaque. I was a little put off by the color in the pot because the color looks wayyyy bright and pink.


On Your Mark Liquid Eyeliner


Um, woah. WOAH.

Honestly, this surprised me. I was expecting some flimsy, poorly pigmented liquid liner, but no. And hopefully not in a bajillion years!

Dark pigmentation and the I felt tip is something I’ve never seen before.

Check it out!



It’s weird, right?? But it works so fine! I am stoked to try this eyeliner out. I do have to say that it takes some time to dry, but I can so totes fan myself while wait. I’ll make it work.



Tell me your thoughts!

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