Initial Thoughts: Flower Cosmetics On Your Mark Liquid Eyeliner in Black (LL1)


Excuse my face, I’m still recovering from a cold.

On my eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion and Flower Cosmetics On Your Mark Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Here, I thought I found a new eyeliner love. But I was sadly mistaken.

The very first day I wore this was probably not the ideal time, two days after I got sick. So I’m still coughing and sneezing but well enough to wear makeup.

In the morning, my eye watered (as it usually does when I yawn or sneeze) so I swiped the corner of my eye and my cat eye smudged.

The horror on my face when I saw black ink on my fingers ( ゚д゚) I made my way to the restroom as soon as I could to see the damage.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought but, smudging is unacceptable! (*Lemongrab*)

Other than this eyeliner’s poor waterproof qualities, this eyeliner performed well. I didn’t experience any flaking (on my good non-smudged eye). And there was no fading on either eye.

I wish I could love this eyeliner. I really wish I could. But, I’ll have to give it up to my HG for not smudging on me. But this Flower Cosmetics eyeliner, I’ll have to pass it up. Or use it with a gel liner so it doesn’t smudge.

Moar steps make a lazy girl lazier.


Tell me your thoughts!

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