At First Swatch: Pacifica Color Quench Lip Tint in Blood Orange and Vanilla Hibiscus


This stuff smells so amazing. So, so amazing!

Blood Orange


So pretty! Isn’t it? I was a little surprised to see this from the tube. It kind of reminds me of how Lush products look in store.

But I swear, it doesn’t smell like some of the Lush products. Haha. Blood Orange smells just like the fruit.

Pigmentation is pretty sheer, as it mentioned on the box packaging. But it could be a little buildable.

Vanilla Hibiscus


Vanilla Hibiscus is very, very sheer. It may not even show up on my lips when I try it this week.

But the smell is absolutely divine. Even if it doesn’t show, I’ll have smell good lips and that’s alright with me.

There is a slight sheen to these lip tints – nothing glittery or sparkly. These’ll look good on any skin tone, methinks.

Now that I think about it, Vanilla Hibiscus would make a really good highlight for a luminous kind of look. Pacifica also had some cream highlights available in a palette of three.

Can you say, tempted? Ugh! I’m loving this line already and I haven’t even tried these yet.

The makeup life comes with feels.

But I digress!

From top to bottom: Blood Orange, Vanilla Hibiscus (I swear it’s there!)


Tell me your thoughts!

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