At First Swatch: Flower Cosmetics High Shine Lip Color in Ginger Lily


Would it be shallow of me to say, what really drew me to this line was the packaging?

Cause it totally did.

I picked this up after seeing it at another Walmart but, as with most drugstores, the tubes were opened. So, I hopped over to another Walmart and voila! An untampered tube.

The High Shine Lip Colors are far more moisturizing than the Velvet Lip Colors. Just by swatch it on my hand, the difference is like night and day. You could probably wear either during the night and during the day too, now that I think about it.



The packaging did feel a little cheap to me. Perhaps it was the way I opened it or the way this thing twists but…something is a little off. Must be the makeup sense tingling.

Otherwise, this lip color swatches very nicely. The color is pigmented and goes on very smoothly. It almost looks a little orange-y/coral – the kind that doesn’t look so flattering on my skin tone but we’ll see.



Tell me your thoughts!

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