Hauled It: CVS


I write this to you, while watching the Pilot episode of Sleepy Hollow. Uh, can you say addicting?? And thrilling??

I did a little shopping at CVS, mainly because the Aveeno hair care is BOGO free (which, they do, never!) and I needed to buy things.

I picked up the coveted Baby Lips! The first ones that came out, I wasn’t really impressed with. I have too many chap sticks, and I figured I’d finish them.

But alas, it never happened. And these medicated Baby Lips came out…and I love medicated lip balms. The feels.


My CVS didn’t have many left. But I picked this up in Pink Me Up. Hopefully, it’ll leave a nice tint.


I heard good things about this mascara. Hopefully, it’ll do good for my short, straight lashes.


This is new. I’ve been washing my brushes with soap and now it’s been cracking up, so, I expect good things from this soap. And it smells good too!


Tell me your thoughts!

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