September Favorites 2013


OMG, September has somehow escaped from me and now we’re into October.

Still doesn’t feel like Fall in San Diego.

I didn’t have many favorites last month, as I was using most of my favorites from August. But here are some new (and some old) stuff I’ve been using.

This soap, I mentioned in my recent CVS haul, has been with me for a couple months.


I picked this up at Marshall’s, so long ago they don’t carry it anymore. Yes, I am mentally kicking my @ss for not picking up the rest of these soaps. If I recall correctly, they carried an oatmeal soap and a lavender soap, but that’s all I remember. They had a tiny display and they all smelled so divine.


This sweet thing is so fragile in my hand when I wash my brushes, haha. But it does a great job of cleaning my brushes. I’ll be sad when this one goes but the tin is super nice! And I bet it’ll be handy for something.


I’ve been using this mascara everyday since I first got it. I was very excited to get long lashes, but alas… Not to say this isn’t a favorite because it is totally. It lengths and separates my lashes. They don’t feel crunchy when I touch them and it’s easy to remove. But, I just expected a little more. Volume, is my problem but I have no issue with layering on mascara.


I really enjoyed using this Wet n Wild Bronzer in Bikini Contest. It has enough sheen to make my skin look glowy and ugh! So perf. But as I was tap-tappin’ my brush into the pan, it cracked! Now, I know this bronzer line is very soft but I was kind of sad. 8[[[ doesn’t change my feelings about this bronzer though.

The same goes for the highlighter, Reserve Your Cabana. I love how this looks on my skin. I love looking like I have a glow (besides having an internal glow, ya know?).



Tell me your thoughts!

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