Hauled It: Target

*Purchased by Me

I survived two weeks without buying makeup. I didn’t haul it big time but I have such a feenin’ for buying makeup =___________=


I picked up another Pacifica lip balm! This is in Sugared Fig. I enjoyed the other two so much, I bought another one. This one smells a little similar to the others but not as much.


I lemmed after this since my last Target haul. I initially went into Target for the NP Contour set but as that was out of stock, I went for this. I haven’t tried it out yet but I’m excited to use it. This smells divine – a little like coconuts.


I finally got this. I’ve ‘collected’ Garnier coupons in hopes I’d find an excuse to buy this – and I finally do! I’m halfway through my tube of Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation stick. Perfect reason, right? I’ve already tested this BB cream and I have to say, I do enjoy it.



The Le Mattes and La Lacques were on clearance at Target! So, I picked up two in Matte About You and I Lacque You A Lot. I haven’t tried these yet but these smell pretty good.

Swatches: Le Matte, on top. La Lacque, on bottom.


Lastly, I picked up some brow gel. I considered getting the tinted one, but I opted for the clear one since I color in my brows every morning. It’s much more faster than wax. I might try the tinted one for when I’m tight on time.


That’s all! Thanks for looking!


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