Hauled It: CVS

*Purchased by Me

I gotta stop haulin’ it this week =_________= but the new makeups!

Well, I didn’t necessarily purchase anything new with the exception of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Gilded in Gold collection.

Seriously, one swatch and I was hooked. Like a fish on bait!


This was only pot left when I spotted the Gilded in Gold collection (I also spotted the Maybelline Elixir things!). I’m not into pink anything on my eyes, but this color is so perf. I’m really lemming for the other colors. I need them in my life!

Remember that Baby Lips I hauled some time ago? …I love it so much, I bought two more.



Hopefully, I hope I don’t lose these.

The last item I purchased was the Revlon Nearly Naked powder in Medium. I recently cleared out some of my makeup from my makeup drawer and I needed a new powder ;] geeeeeet it?

I have a feeling I might haul again. Ugh! My grabby hands…


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