At First Swatch: Napoleon Perdis Contour and Highlight Palette

*Purchased by Me

It’s truly a godsend!

I got the last one at my local Target. Hopefully they’ll stock up because this is awesome!

I first saw this product featured on MBB‘s site. I instantly fell in love with it and quickly set out to purchase it.

My first go-round, it was sold out but I did find it on my second trip to Target (one left!) and you know I snatched it up!

This product comes with two highlight shades, one blush (though, one of the highlights could be a blush) and one contour shade.


When I use this palette, unfortunately it doesn’t last very long on my oily skin. I get around, maybe 3-4 hours of wear with this. Wear time isn’t a huge deal breaker for me but I do wish this lasts longer.

Swatches on my medium tone skin.


The product itself doesn’t feel to be very chalky, it’s very soft and silky. They are a bit powdery but they do have real good pigmentation. The highlighting shades don’t have a lot of sparkle or glitter but they do have a nice little sheen to them. The contour shade is matte and the blusher shade is matte as well.


This product retails for around $20 at Target.


Tell me your thoughts!

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