Nail Polish Haul + What I Have On My Nails

*Purchased by Me

Most recently CVS had their beauty clearance, earlier this month. I wasn’t interested in any cosmetics, but there were a lot of nail polishes 50%-75% off. Such a good deal! And steal!

I picked up six polishes, two from Milani, two from Rimmel, one from Khroma (the Kardashian line) and one from L’Oreal.

Milani Nail Polish in Electric Pink

Milani Nail Polish in Violet Dash

Rimmel London Nail Polish in Stiletto Red

Rimmel London Nail Polish in Steel Grey

L’Oreal Nail Polish in Mauveleous

Khroma Nail Polish in Lapis

I haven’t tried any of the Khroma line before, though I have read reviews and heard it’s a hit-and-miss kind of line. But here’s a little review on this polish. Lapis is really pigmented, not sheer at all. There’s no major chipping, except for that big chunk on my middle finger. I had a brawl with a lobster shell and I don’t expect anything to be spared with that kind of armor. The dry time is fairly quick. The only thing is to be careful applying this polish. It’s a little goopy and thick but the brush is large, so it shouldn’t be so hard. There is slight scent, like, nail polish scent + perfume. It’s a little off putting, but not too troublesome.

I’m not sure if the clearance sale is still going on, but gawd, if it is I’ll gladly go and pick some up.


Tell me your thoughts!

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