At First Swatch: NYX Slim Lip Pencils

*Purchased by Me

I don’t have many lip pencils in my collection. Being a lip product junkie, I tend to forgo lip liners and apply lipstick instead. But I couldn’t resist these!

I bought five NYX lip pencils from Ulta while they were have a BOGO 50% off sale. These retail for $3.50, so, it’s a pretty nice deal.

These lip pencils are creamy, however they are not moisturizing. So, be sure to moisturize your lips before applying these liners or any lip product (for that matter).

In my lip swatches, I moisturized
with Aquaphor’s healing ointment. There are 52 total on NYX’s website. >__________< I have so much more of these lip pencils to try (#idontknowificancontainmyexcites)!

Peekaboo Neutral is the most MLBB out of all the liners I picked.

I imagined Hot Red to be more…red on the lips. More vibrant, but it turned out to be somewhat of a modest red. It’s still very pretty.

Plush Red is my favorite out of the bunch. It’s a lighter shade of red, very flattering on most skin types.

I was a little disappointed with Prune. I was hoping for a more opaque, deep purple but this turned out of be a light purple. The application was a little patchy (even with the ointment) and I had to color in my lips more to get the color to deepen a bit.

Fuchsia is very pretty hot pink color. I was expecting something in between a purple and a pink, but this is definitely a hot pink. Not that I don’t like that, but the color and name on the pencil is a little misleading. However, the patchiness I experience from Prune is not here, so that’s a plus.

Overall, I do really like these lip pencils. I hope I get to purchase more in the future! The colors are many but the money is not (#woes).


Tell me your thoughts!

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