December Favorites 2013

*Everything was purchased by me with the exemption of the YSL mascara from a freebie bag.


Apologies for this extremely late December Favorites! I honestly haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup last month. I’ve been keeping it really toned down – no foundation, just moisturizer, mascara, filled in brows, and a tinted lip balm. I don’t have an eyebrow powder favorite this month as I’ve been on the lookout for new brow products (and different techniques to fill in my brows). I have a habit of going a little heavy handed on my brows. =__________= I have to reminds myself that eyebrows should be sisters not twins.

But anyway! Onto the favorites of last month.

1. Maybelline Medicated Baby Lips
I absolutely love this stuff! I don’t have all the shades, but I plan to! I didn’t buy into the original Baby Lips line (I rationalized with myself. I may have too many lip balms hiding in my drawer). But I couldn’t resist medicated lip balms – I can’t resist them. I love the tingle on my lips and the smell. Is that weird? These Baby Lips aren’t super tingly on the lips but they do smell like medicated balms. A little like Vicks VapoRub but a lot less smelly. These moisturize my lips well and have a very nice tint to them.

2. Sonia Kashuk Clear Eyebrow Gel
I swear this was clear when I bought it! Haha. I’ve been using this religiously. With brow powder, without brow powder, I always apply this before I leave the house. I rarely use the wax included in my Urban Decay Brow Box. It takes less time than a wax. My brows don’t feel crunchy when I use this and they always look in place at the end of the day. I’m almost finished with this tube but while this is a favorite, I’m not too sure if I’ll repurchase. I mentioned trying out different brow techniques, so, I might try out new brow products this month.

3. YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Babydoll Mascara (sample)
I didn’t outright mention this in any blog post, but it was included in a picture I posted, Daily Beauty Vol II. I received this from my mom. I haven’t played around with some of them, yet. But I do plan to. But this mascara, I love! It lifts my lashes and keeps them curled all day, and this isn’t even a waterproof formula. The bristles are synthetic, which I happen to like a lot. The formula isn’t very wet or very dry, it’s in between. Personally, I prefer dry formulas since wet ones weight my short lashes down, but I do love what this mascara does to my lashes. My one complaint is the price a full sized tube. I can’t justify slamming down $30 for a tube I’m just going to throw out after three months. I am determined to find a drugstore dupe, though. ;]

That’s all for my December Favorites. Sorry it took so long. I should really make a list of blog posts, a belated New Years’ Resolution! Haha



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