4 Beauty Resolutions for 2014



For years now, well, since I started my hobby (…obsession?) with makeup, I’ve been stuck in the same makeup routine. I almost never go outside my comfort zone and I’m reaching the point where I’m having a lot of color similarities. Especially in the lipstick department.

I’ve put together four things I’d like to work on, beauty-wise, in order to step out of my box a little and to work on stuff I’ve been lacking in the past years.

1. Play with more eyeshadow
I’m not a big eyeshadow user, tbh. I do have eyeshadow palettes but they very rarely get any use. When I do use eyeshadow, I stick to neutrals. Hopefully, this year I won’t be scared to play with a little more eye color.

2. Play with more lipstick
I stated earlier that I wished to expand my lipstick color selection. A lot of my lip colors tend to be reds, medium pinks, or pinkish-purples. I don’t tend to go for super dark colors or super light colors. I do have a couple lip colors that go on either extreme but I don’t wear them very often. This year, I hope to change that and reach for my least used lip colors.

3. Work on your skincare
My skin isn’t exactly sensitive but I do still suffer from the occasional acne spot or spots /)_____(\ and I do have a nasty habit of picking them. I have combo oily skin and I’ve been trying out new cleansers but they don’t seem to do much for me. I don’t see any good changes and the texture of my skin seems to have changed as well. I do plan on changing up my skincare routine soon and I do have an arsenal of face masks that I need to use up. Hopefully, I’ll have better skin this year.

4. Organize your collection
I recently got the Micke table and Alex drawers from IKEA to store all my makeup in. I’ve found homes for them in the drawer set, but they’ve still yet to be organized! I’ve been buying super cheap organizers from Marukai (Daiso) and that seems to work well. I’ve just need a way to properly organize my foundations, my lip colors, and some of my makeup removers. Not to mention, organize the top of my table. Right now, it’s an organized mess 8P

None of these resolutions are in order of importance. I hope I’ll be able to accomplish all of these within the year. *fingers crossed*



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