Review| Garnier BB Cream Skin Renew (Combo to Oily)


Have you ever found that one thing that just…works? So perfectly and everything. The finish, the texture, and the staying power all in one product.

This is close. This is very, very close.

Sorry for faking you out up there (if you did feel that way). But it’s true, for me at least. This product gave me everything that I wanted but it also gave me some things I didn’t want. Before we get into that, let’s just go over the good things.

-gives my face an even tone
-pores do look smaller
-buildable coverage
-a little dewy*

(*this could be an issue for some people)

I’ve had this BB cream for some time now and it’s become my ‘go-to’ when I have to be somewhere. It’s super blendable and it gives light coverage (a plus or minus depending on your needs). This product also has SPF, good thing too since I tend to…forget to apply sunblock every day *adds to list of resolutions*.

(Swatched and blended on my medium toned skin)

I tried to take pictures throughout the day to document how this bb cream wore on my skin.

I wasn’t able to snap a picture right after application (/excuses).

10am, +/- 1 hour after application
I applied a highlighter to my face, so there’s a little sheen and I didn’t set this with a powder (I usually do), but I did spritz a little UD De-Slick setting spray.

/)______(\ excuse my hair wrap, I usually put it on when I don’t want my hair in my face but here is how the foundation looks four and a half hours after the first picture I took. As you can see, I did get a little oily. I mainly get the oilies on my cheeks, forehead, and down my nose. So, I did use Wet n Wild’s Mattifying Powder (but more on that in another post! 83)

2 hours later my face looks more or less the same as when I took a picture at 10 in the morning. There was very little to no places where the bb cream wore off. The only places where it did was on my chin, but I do have a habit of touching my chin. I did not use any blotting powder.

At the end of my night, the bb cream wore off a little more this time around my cheeks. The lighting here is my room lighting, and you know, it’s dark out. But when I used my makeup wipe, I still have some product leftover. Definitely not as much as I applied first in the morning, but it was enough for me to look a little presentable if not a bit shiny. I only blotted once during the day (with the mattifying powder) so, this held up pretty well without a setting powder.

The claims on the box hailed this product to control shine, minimize pores, even skin tone, and hydrate. I feel that this product does do that, except for controlling the shine. Even with a primer underneath, I feel that it didn’t do much for shine control or oil control.

So, now on to the bad.

-not great shine control/oil control
-SUPER liquidy and very messy
-slight scent

This BB cream does have a slight scent. It’s nothing hideous or puke-inducing but it might affect some people who are sensitive to scent. There is transfer with this product, especially if you have a tendency to touch you face. The price comes in at 11.99+ depending on where it’s purchased. But that’s not even the bad part.


If I could change one thing about this product, it would be the packaging. Look at that. That’s a mess! I’m surprised I haven’t spilled it on my counter tops but OMG. Even when I store it upside down, there’s still product that ends up coming out of the nozzle. I’ve dealt with it, but I wish this could’ve came with a pump (everything seems better with a pump). With that being said, the good things about this foundation doesn’t outweigh the bad. This will be the last time I purchase this bb cream.

This is available at most drugstores, Target and Walmart. The latter will probably be at it’s cheapest, while drugstores (CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid) will be more expensive.



Tell me your thoughts!

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