Review| L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick


I bought this quite some time ago from Target, not knowing what this product was all about. /)_____(\ I was on the hunt for some new Maybelline products when this little thing caught my eye.

The display was untouched from what I saw, and I took that as a very good thing (no unopened tubes!!). There was quite a range of colors from a nude shade to a darker plummy shade (from what I remember).


The applicator is a little surprising. I expected something a little bit along the lines of a lipgloss applicator but this is new. I like it. The color goes on smoothly, it’s nothing like the Rimmel Apocalips/Show-Off Lip Lacquers applicators. That mayyyy have been a little more appropriate but this works fine.

The texture is like a gloss, not heavy like the Show Off Lips Lacquers. For a liquid lipstick, it feels quite light. The color is a opaque but I tend to blot it out when I apply it. This is scented but it’s not unwanted. It’s a little floral-y mixed with a bit of an old makeup smell, if that makes any sense. But it goes away when it’s applied.

(In the shade Dancing Rose)

From the L’Oreal Paris website:

Transform lips from ordinary to extraordinary. Color is richer, lip surface is smoother and shine is magnified. Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich color pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal balance of color and care for perfect lips. The unique soft-touch applicator allows for a silky-smooth, gliding application.

From what experienced with this, I can say the description is true. Right on, L’Oreal! However, because this texture is so smooth, this won’t last through drinks or food. I ended up with a line around my lips, you know what I mean. I don’t mind reapplying my lip color, but just letting you know. Without eating and, very carefully, drinking, this lasts around three-four hours.

Other than it’s staying power, I really like this product. I would buy it again, in a darker though. There is quite a shade range, so it shouldn’t be a problem looking for a favorite color. This retails for $7.99 at Target, and probably Wal-Mart as well. Drugstores such as, CVS, Walgreens, and Rite-Aid will have higher prices. Coupon if you can!




Tell me your thoughts!

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