At First Swatch: Barry M Blink Liquid Eyeliner


I can never have too much eyeliner in my life. Eyeliner basically was my makeup life back in high school. *swoons* oh the days of coloring in my eyelids, having panda eyes by the end of my school day, and accidentally smearing eyeliner across my face – such precious (embarrassing) memories.

But enough about me, this post is about Barry M and the lovely Blink Liquid Eyeliner. I purchased this off of ASOS as part of my birthday haul. I did not see if there were any other colors available. This is a standard eyeliner, nothing fancy about the packaging (looks a little similar to L’Oreal’s Super Slim liquid liner) and the pigmentation is superb.


One thing I’m super particular about is the brush (grrr, Flower Beauty liquid liner!). The tip on this liner is pretty good, it’s not flimsy but it’s not too stiff. It has a little bend to it and gives good control.


This product is not water resistant. It doesn’t run underwater but if you rub, you’re out of luck. Be wary of water eyes. Also, this liner doesn’t fare well with oily lids. A primer is needed, which isn’t a big deal to me. I tend to use eyelid primers 99.9% of the time.

Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with this purchase. It’s nothing too fancy and it does it’s job very well. For my first venture into Barry M cosmetics, I’d say it’s a good start into a very interesting relationship (read: Lip paints, say what?!)



Tell me your thoughts!

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