At First Swatch: NYX Butter Lipsticks


Last month, I celebrated my birthday and with it, I also purchased makeup as birthday gifts to myself. I still have to share those gifts with you and my thoughts on it but, baby steps (read: school takes my life away from the internetz).

These are fairly new. They’re part of NYX’s Spring Collection, released in January. So the should be in stores, if not, and NYX cosmetics should have them in stock.


I picked up four shades: Pops, Fizzies, Sweet Tart, and Mary Janes. There are 22 shades, if I counted correctly and they have different shade ranges. I tried to pick some from either spectrum and a medium color.

Pops, perfect pinky nude.

Fizzies, a bright pink coral.

Sweet Tart, a medium pink.

Mary Janes, a true red.

These lipsticks are super moisturizing. No lip balm or lip liner underneath them in those photos. However, they don’t last very long through food or drink. For a longer wear, I suggest a lip liner. At first swatch, they don’t apply very pigmented. It definitely has be to built up for decent opacity but it doesn’t swatch on sheer.

These do have the slightest cinnamon-y scent. It’s not noticeable when it’s applied, though. There’s no taste either on the lips. These almost have a texture like a lip balm. It’s not heavy on the lips at all.

Each of the butter lipsticks retail for around $6, not too bad. I hear NYX will be coming up in some CVS’s some time soon (there’s always a chance for coupons). If I were you, I’d snatch these up in a heartbeat.



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