January 2014 Favorites


Such a late post! OMG! I have no real excuse other than school is definitely kicking my ass right now. >_________________>

But anyway! Here’s my belated monthly favorites for January.

First up, is the Organix Biotin and Collagen shampoo and conditioner for full and thick hair. As you guys know, I’m currently on a mission to grow out my hair. My last shampoo and conditioner wasn’t making my hair feel like how I wanted to, so I purchased this after being recommended by my friend. Her hair is long and luscious and ya know, I want that too. This has definitely exceed my expectations (my adventures with Organix has been hit and miss). This is a hit! I absolutely love this! My hair feels soft and my scalp feels clean.

My next favorite is something that has been in my possession for some time now. The Boscia Balancing Facial Toner was something I received in a value set from Sephora. While the whole set didn’t work for my face, this toner was something I definitely liked. I stopped using it for a while to use the Clinique cleansing system (Clinique just does some weird things to my skin, I dunno). I picked this back up and gah, it’s like my face went back to normal. I have oily/combo skin, by the way. I typically use this after cleansing my face and I feel like my face gets a but softer from using this. It doesn’t dry out my face or cause any breakouts for me. I’m running out though, 😦 I do have a back up plan when I run out of this though.

Lastly, is the Muji Cleansing oil. I purchased this on one of my trips to the PI (at the Mall of Asia) and OMG. I kick myself every time I use this for not buying the larger bottle. Silly me, ‘Oh, what if I don’t like it? I’ll just get the small one.’ No! No, Lorraine. That’s not how we do things! Ugh! I love this. It removes all my makeup, stubborn waterproof anything. I use about four pumps for my whole face and I just rub it in circular motions. It’s pretty fun to see the makeup just dissolve under this product. I don’t get any breakouts from this and I am still kicking myself. My eyes are totally peeled for drugstore cleansing oils! I saw Garnier had one but for dry skin. And I am just….*sigh* I know a new will come out. I just know it!

Those are all my favorites for last January. No makeup products unfortunately, still in testing mode!



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