Review | Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm SPF 20


(4 hours after application)

Part of my birthday haul, I bought this a couple days before school started with the intention of using something so…low maintenance. I didn’t want to fuss with a full face of makeup, I didn’t want to look like I have a full face on, and I didn’t want to worry about touch-ups. The other extended shades (Light, Medium, and Dark) weren’t available when I bought this but they should be now.

A little about my skin type, it’s combo-oily. Medium skin tone. I have my fair share of pores, broken capillaries, and acne scarring on my face. My face is far from perfect but I wanted something light, so I wouldn’t have to worry about splotchy coverage, and easy to put on. So, over the course of two weeks, I wore this in all ways possible. With primer, without primer, with setting powder, without setting powder, touch-ups and no touch-up (for the oilies) and where’s what I can report back.

If you like very light coverage, low maintenance, no-makeup makeup look – this product is for you. If you’re on the go all the time or want a no-makeup makeup look, totes buy this.

Full coverage gals won’t like this so much, but this can be used as a primer for foundation.


This comes in a squeeze tube form, so you can control how much you want. There is a scent to this product – very minty, like toothpaste.

The product comes out tinted but it sheers out and let me tell you the magic of this sheering. I won’t tell you that this makes me pores disappear, because they don’t. But it does make my pores appear smaller and it does make the redness on my face a little less noticeable. As I look back on these pictures, it kind of makes my skin tone look a little more even. Again, this is a sheer coverage kind of beauty balm.


As for blemishes, when I wore this I had a very bad blemish on my cheek and unfortunately, it didn’t cover as much as I would have liked. But given the nature of this product, I’ll let it slide.

(#angryblemishsideeye – without)

(With Urban Decay Beauty Balm)

For oil control, I have to say my oilies came back after 3-4 hours after wear, however, the type of primer applied is the important factor in having longevity with this product. I wore this with two different primers, and one did out perform the other by a good couple more hours. Without a primer, I got a good three hour wear time before I noticed oilies. Any longer than 8 hours, with and without primer, you’ll start to notice this product fading away.

There’s not much else to this product, other than it’s light coverage and great for lazy makeup days. I love using this when my skin is at its best. I typically use this with a setting powder (Rimmel’s Stay Matte Translucent powder or Revlon’s Nearly Naked powder).

I’m disappointed in it’s price point, though. This product retails for $34 at 1.18 fl oz. So, .18 oz more than the standard 1 fl oz for foundation. I love this product but not the price. Currently, I’m on the lookout for a nice drugstore replacement.

Would I repurchase? If I had the extra cash, I would. I feel like the drugstore should have something similar to this, but I just haven’t found it yet. This is a very good product to try out but, OMG, but I would suggest getting the $14 (the smaller version of this) instead of the $34 one. Better price for how this works, in my opinion.

(Bare face)

(With Urban Decay Beauty Balm)



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