Hair Growth Diary II


Hi there! Time for my second hair diary for the month of February.

I’ve been pretty low maintenance on my hair this past month. I’ve repurchased my Organix Biotin and Collagen, shampoo and conditioner since they have been making my hair feel so luxurious. But recently, I’ve been using the Garnier Sleek and Shine Morrocan Argan oil treatment after showers. When my hair dries, it definitely feels a lot more softer than just using the shampoo and conditioner alone.

As for fall out, the in-between period I had of not having my shampoo (but still having enough conditioner), I noticed that I had more fallout. As I run my fingers through my hair now, there’s no fallout at all.

One more thing before I end this diary. I can now do this.


It’s always exciting, isn’t it?? A short haired girl being able to tie her hair back? Though, if I make my ponytail any higher, my shorter strands don’t get tied but I’ll take a ponytail over no ponytail. Haha

Long hair, here I come!



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