At First Swatch: Milani Power Lip, Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss, Milani Lip Intense Liquid Lip Color


Milani recently came out with new products for this season. From what I’ve seen around the internet and in store, they’re really stepping up their game and I’m liking it!

I’ve yet to try their new eye stuff! *ever on the lookout for sales*

I picked up three of their new lip products – one of the Power Lips, one of the Liquid Lip Colors, and one of the Brilliant Lip Shines. I tried to get different shades, but…old habits die hard, I guess. Haha

If you’ve tried Milani’s lipsticks, you know they have a candy/watermelon scent to them. It’s sickeningly sweet (in both senses of the words) but their lip products tend to smell more like…pastries.

The Lip Intense Liquid Color in Red Extreme smells a lot like NYX’s Soft Matte lip creams. Like a vanilla cupcake. Or the icing of the vanilla cupcake. Mmmmm~ the texture is very soft and when I swatched it, there was a little bit of a stain. No guarantees when eating or drinking though.


This color runs a little cool toned in my opinion, though it could definitely be a true red. I feel most skintones would be able to pull this color off. It’s universally flattering. As I mentioned previously, the texture is a little soft. So, be careful when you apply this product, it could get away from you really quick. You might want to line your lips before application.

This next lip product is probably my favorite of the bunch. It’s the Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Ravish Raspberry. For a lipgloss, it’s very pigmented. I haven’t come across many lipglosses, only because I’m not too fond of lipglosses (I’m more of a lipstick girl). This smells more like, milk tea with boba, if that makes sense (I’m craving it, can you tell?). The wear of this product is typical lipgloss wear time. One to two hours at best without eating or drinking. Blotting off the product will result in a less pigmented look – maybe if you just wanted a hint of color on your lips.

The lipgloss is very hydrating and moisturizing so even if it comes off, your lips will feel soft. On the lips, it’s not very sticky, but it is a little tacky. Once it wear a little on your lips, there’s a little slip to it. Your lips aren’t necessarily gliding over each other but it feels nice. A little tacky and a little slip.


This color leans a bit more purple, given what a raspberry looks like, it’s more purple than it is pink. But of course, you could sheer out the color for a softer lip color. I have a medium complexion and I like how this looks against my skin tone. Darker skin tones could pull this off better and I think for lighter complexions, just be a little wary. The blotted technique might look better than the full pigmented look.

The last product I picked up was the Power Lip, a lasting and moisturizing gloss stain in Raspberry Tart. This product doesn’t have a scent to it. It’s the type you have to ‘click’ up to release the product, so, warning: please click slowly as to not release a lot of product at once. I’m sure we’ve all done that before and there’s no way to dial back the product. I’ve tried.

On my lips, this is moisturizing as it states on the packaging. From online photos, I imagined it to be a lot more longer, along the lengths of the Mayelline and L’Oreal concealers but it’s tiny. It’s about the length of a Fergie lipstick from Wet N Wild (and that tube is a little big for a lipstick, itself). Application is pretty smooth. I love how the brush tapers at the end, so that it comes to a point because that makes for a really precise application. This isn’t a matte formula. but fingers crossed Milani does come out with matte shades because this stuff is really good. This does leave a stain however, when it’s blotted out it doesn’t perform as well when it’s left alone. When it’s blotted, I end up having a the ‘ring around my lips’ on my lip line. Without blotting, I get a nice stain. Wear time is around 3-4 hours before I notice any fading.


This shade is pretty similar to the lip gloss. I just put on the gloss and omg, those two together give my lips a little berry/vampy look. Most perf for autumn/fall.

Overall, I’m super impressed with these products. I would definitely pick up more of the glosses and the Power Lips. My Walgreens didn’t have a super wide range of colors, though to my understanding there are 14 lip gloss shades, 8 Power Lip shades, and 4 Lip Intense shades. Good things these are all under $10 at the drugstore!

As always, these products are available at CVS and at select Walgreens (I believe). I haven’t seen Milani at my local Rite-Aid but swoop these up wherever you see them and give them a try! Definitely worth it.



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