Mario Badescu Samples

20140524-131943-47983624.jpg #yestheresafilter

I’m back! Now that school is over, I have much more time to spend blogging and hopefully trying out new makeup (and using up my old ones). This semester was a little bit more stressful than my previous ones but hopefully, I did well in all my classes *crosses fingers* .

But on to the samples! I recently filled out a questionnaire on the Mario Badescu skincare website and was sent some samples based on my answers. Things I received were the drying cream (all skin types), ceramide eye gel (all skin types), special cucumber lotion (combination, oily skin types), enzyme cleansing gel (all skin types), cucumber tonic mask (combination, oily, and sensitive skin types), strawberry face scrub (all skin types), and the collagen moisturizer SPF 15 (combination, sensitive skin types).

My skin type is typically combo/oily. I’ve been running out of my current skin care items and been wanting to try some new things. I was hoping to receive the drying lotion as well but no samples are available for that product.

I’ve already used some these items and I hope to have a small review up in the upcoming weeks.


PS. If you’re using the VSCO app, I’ve joined! Username: soul-rebel. I’m trying to keep it makeup related. And if you haven’t, you’re more than welcome to follow my IG (lalalorraine -> non-makeup related).


Tell me your thoughts!

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