Hair Growth Diary Vol III

The apologies, I can’t even begin.

This post will cover March, April, and May. My hair so far has grown a little longer since my post in February. Since that post, I’ve used up my OGX (the brand formerly known as Organix) and moved on to these puppies.


Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner was something I picked up from CVS. I couldn’t find the conditioner, so I just opted for the leave-in. Touted to make hair longer and stronger and with a special ingredient in the leave-in conditioner to promote hair growth, I just couldn’t resist.

At first, I loved this duo. My hair felt soft and my scalp felt clean. Overtime, my hair felt drier and I had more fall out. I shared my feelings with my bestie and she suggested washing my hair every other night (since I had previously washed my hair every night). I did that and it helped the fallout situation but nothing for the texture of my hair.

I won’t knock this out since I haven’t tried the conditioner but…I can’t bring myself to purchase these products again. The spray trigger thing, for example, broke on me. Something snapped and now it doesn’t spray as evenly as it once did.

As for actual hair growth, I can say my hair is growing. I can see it when I tie my hair up (less bobby pins needed!). Maybe this product does work and the hair dryness is just a side effect. Who knows :/ I’ve been using other miscellaneous hair products to fill in the hole NYM has left in my heart wallet.

Since then, I’ve moved onto another brand and I have to say, me likey. Me likely lots. But til then, have a good day. And see you at the end of June for another hair growth diary.



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