At First Swatch: Milani Rose Blushes in Coral Cove, Lady Rouge, Tea Rose, and Love Potion


I honestly could not contain myself when these first came out. I missed the first four that were released (but I hear they’re on the website?!) and I was forever kicking myself for not picking them up when I had the chance. I ordered these in such a quickness, I almost regretted it. Almost.

Quick thoughts, these are a lot more powdery than I had imagined. Also, some maybe a lot more chalky than others. Love Potion is one of the more chalkier blushes in the bunch – may be due to it’s super pigmentation? I’d be careful with that Love Potion ( πŸ˜‰ ).

Tea Rose is definitely my favorite out of the four. Perfect pigmentation, blends out beautifully, and suitable for most skin tones. Another favorite is Lady Rouge when I’m feeling a little adventurous with blush. My least favorite would have to Coral Cove, only because coral shades and I tend to…not be cool with each other but I will make it work one day.

Coral Cove

Love Potion

Tea Rose

Lady Rouge

The packaging is pretty, still plasticky but, gotta love that rose design. Lastly, here are some swatches for you guys to enjoy. πŸ™‚


Some finishing thoughts, for the price (around 7.99 USD) and the performance, I’d say it’s worth a shot but only get the one that’s appealing. Or the design. I don’t see these on the Milani website anymore 😦 hopefully they’ll make a comeback.



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