Current Skincare Routine: Morning Routine

I’m not one tout to have perfect skin, by any means. I have my good skin days and bad skin days.

But I must confess. I’m horrible at keeping with routines. Some products, I forget I have because my first impression of them were terrible. And others, I use because they’re okay but I tend to buy more to replace the ‘okay’ ones in hopes they’ll be better ones. I know, it’s horrible. I’m working on it.

This time around, I think I’ve finally stuck to a good routine. I’ve divvied them up into categories: 1) Morning Routine, 2) Shower Routine, 3) Nighttime Routine, and 4) The Wild Card. Each category will have their own post 😉 so be on the look out for future skincare posts!

Sounds like a lot, but I swear, I’ve kept up this routine, at least the morning and shower routine, for a little over a month. I think I maybe have this in the bag.

Today, let’s go over my Morning Routine.

Typically, I was my face in the mornings. I have no time for morning showers, so I usually shower before bed. What I use to wash my face is the Olay Fresh Effects Facial Cleaning Brush and two cleansers.

I alternate between these two because I like them both. They don’t irritate my skin in any way and they haven’t caused any breakouts (YAY!). The two that I use are the Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel and The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam.

Both products work differently. The gel cleanser makes my skin feel softer and the cleansing foam makes my skin feel thoroughly cleansed. Depending on how I feel, I’ll grab one or the other.


My current moisturizer is the L’Oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Day/Night Cream. I use this daily, two times a day. It feels a little thick and a lot luxurious, so I make sure to use a little. It spreads easily so, there’s no need to plop a lot on your face.

So far, with this moisturizer, my face feels soft and less oily. Me likes. I think, in conjunction with the Texture Perfector serum, I see a difference but it’s too early to tell.


Side note: I do have combo-oily skin. The products I use may not work as well for you as they do for me. Always do your research prior to purchasing any of these products 🙂 I’ve purchased everything with my own money, with the exception of the Mario Badescu samples that were sent to me.

I like to think my morning routine is pretty simple. But in always open to adding new stuff to better my skincare game! *onwards to better skin!*



Tell me your thoughts!

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