An Open Letter to Missha’s MISA Geumsul Revitalizing Eye Cream


Hey, you. I’m not very good at this goodbye thing, but, here we go.

I remember when we first met. Yea, that first time I laid my eyes on you.

To be honest, I didn’t think much of you. I didn’t understand you (literally), first of all. And second, well, my heart wasn’t set on you.

So, I set you aside and decided to call you up when I planned to go out of town.

But you, persistent little thing. Your gold color, screaming at me, ‘Hey! I’m here! Take a look at me!’

So, I caved.

But I shouldn’t have.

Because I fell hard.

Never before have I met another like you. I’ve tried others, oh yes I have. They might’ve been out of my age range but that didn’t matter. I’m sure you’re out of my age range, but age ain’t nuthin’ but a number. And I’m sure you don’t care either.

You make me feel more…how do I say, bright when you’re with me. And without you, I just feel…dull. An outsider would call our relationship, toxic. Me relying on you for my confidence. But who cares what others think! What matters is what’s going on between us and…I think…I’m beginning to love you.

We have such bad timing, you and I.

You’re as creamy as the most luxurious lotion. As fragrant as flowers that grow in the countryside. And (almost) as empty as my wallet when I begin to think of you.

My heart breaks at the thought of you leaving. I try to console myself and try to find where you might be but you’re always out of reach. Never where I hope you would be.

This may be our goodbye for now, since I know you must go. But know this before you leave: This isn’t our final meeting.

I will see you again.

Forever yours,

Sidenote: If you can’t tell, I love this product. TT^TT I got this as a sample when I ordered my under eye concealer (more on that in another post) and I just love this to pieces. I’ve been trying to ration the last of it but, ugh. It’s so hard to let go. Few bullet points:

  • super hydrating
  • super creamy
  • super duper
  • no offensive smell
  • expensive (around 30-40$USD)

    That last point just kills me. Must wait for Missha’s annual sale to get it for cheap. Once that time rolls around, you can expect a full-fledged review because this deserves all the months of testing it out.

    The back of the packet for curious eyes.


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