Current Skincare Routine: Nighttime Routine

I’ll be honest.

I love my nighttime routine. Mainly because of two new products that I’ve purchased and just ughhhhh.

And I’ll be honest again, my skincare routine has changed a little since I’ve taken these photos, but I’ll give you that update later.


First up, toner. I currently use the Mario Badescu Cucumber Lotion as my toner. I normally use the Clinique Dramatically Different toner for combo/oily skin but I decided to give this toner a try when I received a sample in the mail.

If your toner stings or smells like alcohol, this will be a very pleasant change. This toner doesn’t have any offending scent or stinging feeling when it’s applied. My face doesn’t feel tight after I apply it, but rather, very soft.

I can appreciate that but the only thing that irks me is that I can’t see if any dirt comes off with it. With the Clinique toner, I’m able to see if there is any excess dirt left on my face.

I’m not sure if I’d repurchase this as I’m still going through this bottle. I’ll give a full update when it’s finished, for sure.

Second, eye cream. I just want to note, I don’t use this eye cream any more. In my previous posts, I fell in love with another *dramatic flair*.

I use an eye cream because I have dark circles under my eyes. They are not super noticeable but I don’t like the sight of them (that’s what counts, right?) and I want to take care of my skin.

I picked this up at Marshall’s for cheap. The reviews on this is very meh and eh and I have to agree (probably why it’s discontinued too).

I didn’t see any change while using this. The texture is thin and the scent is very floral-y. It wasn’t too much for me but I know the scent can be very offensive.

What bothered me the most about this eye cream is inability to apply this all around the eyes – under eyes and on eyelids. But the good thing is, I never had to use a lot to apply. A little goes a long way.

Third, serum. Now, I’m new to serums. I didn’t consider them until L’Oreal came out with the Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum Concentrate. OMG.

The scent – so luxe. The texture – light and easily absorbed into the skin. I use a half pump to a whole pump for my face.

Directions say to use in the morning as well, but I find that I get oily when I use this in the morning. I’ve been using this for a couple weeks and, during the weeks I’m not on my cycle *ahem*, my skin is flawless.

Lastly, moisturizer. You’ve seen this as my morning routine moisturizer and it’s amazing!

The scent is the same as the serum. The texture is heavier, as it’s a cream, but it easily sinks into the skin. Also, plus! A little goes a long way!

Given the price for these two items (~24.99 USD each), I’d say that’s a huge plus.

I really love these two products and am seriously considering repurchases. My face is currently getting back to normal (post-cycle acne, ugh) and I have to say, I think these two play a huge part.

Also, a little secret. I have another moisturizer on hand that I used previously, I went to back to that (just for the mornings) and pimples popped up the next day! My night routine didn’t change, just the morning routine. So, you may take that however you please. I am convinced of the HG-status these two deserve.

These are just my products that I find suitable for my combo/oily skin. Any products you use nightly?



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