At First Swatch: Maybelline Color Elixirs in Captivating Carnation and Breathtaking Apricot


I am way late on the Color Elixir train. But since these are permanent, I thought I’d wait until the hype died down so I could snag a few for myself.

I am currently waiting for a Maybelline sale to happen so I can snag a few more.

These are outrageously good.

I picked up two shades, Captivating Carnation (080) and Breathtaking Apricot (005). These do have a safety seal, but we all know those can be easily broken (please fix, major cosmetic brands!).

Quick thoughts:

  • Sweet scent, not very offensive
  • Slight taste on the lips, do avoid
  • Moisturizes very well, long after lip product has rubbed off
  • Must buy more colors

    If I do remember, these retail around $9USD at CVS. I may be mistaken, but it should be no greater than $10USD.


    A doe foot applicator is very well appreciated. I’ll never understand why some companies stray from that. The doe foot applies any product very well on the lips (and probably under the eyes, but…what?)

    20140716-223255-81175625.jpg Captivating Carnation on my lips, one swipe.

    Macro shot of Captivating Carnation

    Breathtaking Apricot on my lips, one swipe.

    Macro of Breathtaking Apricot.

    Breathtaking Apricot does have some glitters in it, but it’s not very noticeable on the lips. Captivating Carnation is clear of any glitters and does stain after it’s long gone on my lips.

    I am so tempted to pick up darker shades (I like the staining effect). I would definitely recommend trying these out, if you haven’t already. These can go on sheer but they can be built up for a more opaque color.

    Thanks for reading!


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