Review: Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream Shade 2

You know, I never believed to have a dark circle problem until all those late nighters caught up to me.

I do believe my dark circles are fairly light. They aren’t so bad but lately they’ve gotten a little worse for wear.

Me and scary movies don’t mesh. We can’t hang. I get too scared and I stay up all night because I can’t get to sleep. It’s horrible, I know. /littlebaby.

But this concealer has come to my rescue and thank gawd for that!

The Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream comes in two shades. I’m not sure of the shade names, but they’re usually labeled as 1 or 2. My shade is obviously the second shade.

The texture is a little weird at first. It’s not super creamy when you dip your finger in (unsanitary, I know) but once it warms up it’s good to go. That being said, this stuff is super pigmented. You’ll see soon what my under eyes look like, but, OMG. I only need one tiiiiiiiiiny swipe, blend, powder, and boom – done.

The scent, if you haven’t taken a guess, it a little fishy. It smells faintly like salmon. I don’t mind because I can’t smell it on my face. And don’t worry if you think the fishy scent means it’s gone bad. This puppy lasts for two years (granted nothings happens to it – more on that later).

So, the dark circles.


It’s not that bad but it bothers me and the uneven aegyo sal (‘cute fat’ puffy under my eyes) don’t make it any better.

Here, I’ve applied the concealer on my left eye (your right).

As you can see, this definitely brightens my under eye and conceals the uneven skin tone. I definitely look more awake with concealer under my eye.

And here are my eyes after I applied the concealer to my other eye and powder.

I definitely love this stuff. I would buy this over and over again, if I had the chance.

Now, onto the bad news. This isn’t particularly the products fault, but mine. If you don’t follow my Instagram page (please do! @fishscalekisses 😉 ), I mentioned that something happened to my eye. I don’t know what it was, the symptoms all lead to one thing but the days after didn’t really match up to what it was supposed to be. But my eye has since cleared up and I’ve thrown away all suspects and deep cleaned and sanitized all the brushes I’ve used. Unfortunately, one of the suspects included this holy grail. 😦 I do plan on picking it up again sometime in the future. Right now, I have other concealers to give my attention.

Definitely invest in a palette and makeup spatula if you intend to use this product. I’d order this product again but my family is planning a trip in the near future, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick one up there (among other Asian cosmetics 83 ).

Here’s a quick swatch for you to get an idea of the shade.

The shade swatches a little light on the skin, so this product may not work for deeper skin tones. Because of the brightening effect this concealer gives, I definitely wouldn’t use this on blemishes.

This product is unfortunately, available in Asia and on websites that sell Asian cosmetics. I purchased mine from Amazon.

Hopefully, this review was helpful. Thanks for reading!



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