Review: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Medium/Deep


I was super excited when I heard Maybelline was coming out with a BB cream targeted for oily skinned gals. The Dream Fresh BB cream is for normal skin type girls and I didn’t want to take any chances and end up with a greasy face using that product.

But I digress.


I’m sure we’re all familiar with how American BB creams are no where near to being the same as Asian BB creams. I still have to buy and test out an Asian BB cream TT^TT. This BB cream is no exception. The only glorifying aspect of this product is its salicylic acid ingredient (which may or may not be a problem, more on that later). I do know that this product, outside of the US, contain SPF while the US version does not. *sadfaiz*

On the upside, this product was pleasantly surprising. The coverage is light/medium and evens out my skin tone very well. I have to say, I bought the wrong shade at first. The medium shade is very pinkish while the medium/deep is more suited for yellow-toned skin. I’m usually a medium in most foundation, a little on the darker side since it’s summer. *sidenote: I’m a MAC cosmetics virgin /)_____(\ so I can’t give you a MAC comparison in terms of skin tone.*

The product is very creamy and a little thick. It’s not heavy but if you accidentally pile on the makeup, it can feel cakey and heavy. On my skin, it feels a little sticky/tacky once I apply it and it takes some time to set. This product also transfers when I plot with an oil blotting sheet or if I accidentally rub my face against a shirt.


This BB cream doesn’t give me a lot of oil control, either. I typically get oily within 3 or 4 hours and this is no exception. I don’t mind however for a product targeted for oily gals, I would’ve hoped for more oil control.

As for the salicylic acid ingredient, I can’t say that it has helped my acne or made my acne worse. I do know that salicylic acid has broken my skin out but I didn’t experience any breakouts with this product.

I do like this product but I hardly reach for this nowadays. /)________(\ mainly because I’m trying to cut salicylic acid out of my skincare life. Overall, this is a nice product to try if salicylic acid doesn’t bother you and if you’re not super oily (like only on the t-zone).

I do believe I picked this up at Walmart for $6-7USD. I rarely see Maybelline coupons but if there’s a sale, definitely give it a try. πŸ™‚

Here are some pictures of the coverage.

Without any product

Dotted on one half of my face

Coverage on left side and nothing on the right side

Thanks for reading!



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