When You Have ‘Too Much’ Makeup…

There’s no such thing as too much makeup, right?

Recently, I’ve been working on a little project, in terms of my makeup collection. + a little bit of self-teaching (self-learning? …whatever, I taught myself). I decided to make a spreadsheet of my makeup and keep myself up to date on when I purchased certain items so I can be sure to throw them out when they become expired. Because what’s a makeup collection when you haven’t properly loved all the items in your stash?

Here’s a screenshot of what one (out of three) of my Lips spreadsheet look like currently.

I...have a lot of neutrals.
I…have a lot of neutrals.

As you can see, I’ve made categories based on: brand, name (or collection), type, size, and whether or not I would repurchase an item. I follow this general list with my other makeup sheets. I keep the Notes category as optional to fill in, only if I find there’s something really specific on an item. Most of my makeup has a ‘?’ in the Purchased category because I can’t remember when I bought them.. ..it’s bad, I know, that’s why I have this list.

If you’re thinking about doing the same (extremely time consuming, but so worth it in my opinion), I’ve uploaded my current spreadsheet for your viewing purposes. I have no shame in how much makeup I have. I just hope I can go through most of it (because let’s face it, there’s no way I can get through everything within a year). Check out my spreadsheet here: Maquillage

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