Colourpop Haul featuring Aquarius


This is the first time I’m trying out the highlighter and shadows from Colourpop and OMG. I’m so blown away by the texture and the pigmentation. Where have I been?!

If you’re new to Colourpop, they’re a relatively new brand based in Los Angeles. They are cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan (however, there are some products that are not vegan – please refer to their FAQ page for more information). Colourpop FAQ

My main reason for this haul was the Lippie Stix in the shade Aquarius. I am an Aquarius, by the way, so I thought it was only fitting for me to purchase it. The collection is a collaboration between YT Beauty person KathleenLights and Colourpop, of course. I don’t watch KathleenLights regularly but I do know that she also came out with a second quad as well as another Lippie Stix (Taurus) with this recent collab.

Aquarius (Creme finish) Lippie Stix
Aquarius Lippie Pencil

Among my purchases, I also ordered an older KathleenLights X Colourpop collab item – Lumiere (Lippie Stix) and Cornelious (matte eyeshadow). I also picked up Electric Slide (highlighter) because I heard that was a dupe for Mac’s Oh Darling (whether it is or not, it’s still a pretty shade and I’m tempted to just buy all of Colourpop’s highlighters). Lastly, I picked up Puppy Love which is a collab with No Kill Los Angeles, an adoption center for pet rescues in Los Angeles. All proceeds from Puppy Love go to this shelter. I’m all for saving pets so, I picked it up while I could.




The texture of the shadows are highlighter are AH-MAZING. They feel soft and gel-like. When you dip your finger into the pot, the pattern on the product does go away but I mean… I don’t expect my makeup to stay pretty forever.

Swatches below!

From top to bottom: Aquarius Lippie Stix, Lumiere Lippie Stix, Aquarius Lip Pencil, Electric Slide highlighter, Cornelious eyeshadow, Puppy Love eyeshadow

Long story short, I can’t wait to order more and I just got this package. As I’ve said on my Instagram (follow me @fishscalekisses!): The love is so real.




2 thoughts on “Colourpop Haul featuring Aquarius

  1. I just discovered your blog because of this post and holy smokes. We have the same first name (just different spelling), same age range, same skin shade, and same skin concerns O.O So far, I’m enjoying your posts and I’ll definitely keep on reading. Based on your swatches, I might pick up Aquarius, looks like it would look good on me.

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