Missha M Magic Cushion Review


I have had this product for a very long time. Almost since August, I think. I won this product from the Missha website when they were running a contest for this product.

I really didn’t think I’d receive it, but there it was at my door. Unfortunately, at the time it came, I was too dark to wear it out in public. However, now (5 months later) I’m able to wear it out comfortably! I caution you, this is very pic-heavy.


Claims~ Click to enlarge!



As you can see, I’m in the shade 23 (Natural Beige) which is the darkest shade currently available. I have heard that Missha plans to expand their shade range to darker skin tones akin to their Perfect Cover BB cream line. So far, from what I’ve tried, their claims are legit. I don’t find myself too oily with this product and it doesn’t rub off quickly. However, there is slight oxidizing. When I first apply it, the color is a little light however, as time goes on, the shade begins to match my skin tone. I was a little worried about it since I felt the shade was noticeable, however, I took a look at my makeup in my boyfriend’s bathroom (which has really great lighting) and the match was perfect.



The sponge that comes with the cushion is a standard rubycell cushion. It is supposed to be antimicrobial – which I don’t know anything about since I wash my rubycell puffs when it becomes dirty. These sponges are a little different from ones that I’ve tried (Laneige and Innisfree). The Missha rubycell sponge is a little thin and it’s also a little harder to clean. But I make do with it. I do like how it feels though. It’s very soft.


As with all cushion compacts this comes in a case where you can pop out the cushion when it’s empty and replace it with a new one. As of right now, I feel like I have plenty of product in the cushion and won’t be repurchasing any time soon. But I do plan on buying a backup of 23 and if they release the newer shades, I’m definitely picking up a shade darker. This cushion is slowly becoming my favorite. There is a fragrance to it, so if you’re sensitive to fragrance this product may bother you. However, from what I’ve experienced, the scent is undetectable on the skin.

This does come sealed. I just got too impatient and ripped it off.
A close up of the pores!

I feel like the sponge that the foundation is housed in, allows a little too much of the product to get onto the puff. I find myself trying to control how much I press into the sponge in order to get an appropriate amount onto the puff. I’m worried about pressing too hard and getting too much product. In comparison to Laneige and Innisfree cushion compacts, the pores of the product seem to be a little big bigger than the others. That may be why too much product kind of gets into the puff. Hopefully, that will change if they come out with their newer shades.



I took these photos when I was still a little dark and as you can see the shade was light for me. I did blend it out the in the second photo (under the swatch), however I still feel like it was too light so I just kept it in my drawer until I got lighter. Given how it blended out when I was darker, I could probably get away with wearing this in the summertime, but I don’t want to risk looking like I don’t know makeup.

I will definitely keep wearing this until I get too dark for it again.

Here’s how it currently wears on me (just the cushion, no concealer) + my always messy vanity in the background..

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