Rebel Romantic Collection; Kiko Cosmetics


Oh, Kiko Cosmetics, quit breakin’ my heeaaaarrrrrrrtttt~

Sometime during the past holidays, I took a gander at Kiko Cosmetics’ website and OMG, lo and behold – a sale. I checked it out real quick and my beloved Rebel Romantic collection was on sale!

My thoughts while looking at the sale page:

1) OMG, finally. I’ve been waiting for this collection to go on sale since it came out.

2) OMG, why. Now this means stock is limited and the collection will soon phase out ;_______;

And with free shipping starting at $15USD, I had no hesitation. So I virtually plopped in a bronzer, blush, and lipstick into my cart and clicked SEND IT TO ME MEOW NAO.

Here it is, in its pretty packaging and how could I ever throw away those boxes T__T the texture of the packaging feels rubbery and cardboard-y at the same time (?!). I digress.


The packaging of the blush and bronzer is lightweight and plasticky but pretty. The lipstick packaging is also lightweight (but a little more heavy) and has a magnetic closure. The blush and bronzer have a snap closure.

I’m really excited to try out the bronzer. It reminds me of certain Charlotte Tilbury products, however, I’m sure those are marketed as blush and not bronzer.


There were two shades of the Perfecting Bronzer in this collection. I purchased the darker shade in Medium to Dark. As I recall, the lighter shade of bronzer had a pink circle in the middle. The color in the middle is supposed to be a perfecting powder and provides a matte and radiant finish on the skin. Claims on the website state this has a wild rose scent and it sure does! It’s not offensive to the nose (at least mine).


The Rebel Bouncy Blush came in 4 shades. I previously picked up Velvety Peach and here I have Treasure Rose. The texture is soft and bouncy as the name states. I compared this to the Maybelline Bouncy Blush that is (was?) in stores a while back. I’ve never tried the Maybelline version so I can’t compare the two products. But I absolutely loved Velvety Peach and was sad when it was sold out on the website.

This blush comes off as matte on the skin and definitely looks natural when blended out. Speaking of blending, the formulation of the product makes it super easy to blend out. In my swatches (at the bottom of the post), I built up the opacity of the blush and bronzer because they come out slightly light – which I don’t mind at all! It just makes it easier to make your makeup look at natural as possible (which I’m totally into right now).

The detail ❤

Lastly, I couldn’t resist. I picked up another Intensely Lavish Lipstick in 04 Mild Sangria. The formula is soft and creamy and feels like nothing on the lips. I have deep regrets. I should have picked up all the shades when I had the chance. Now I have none ;_____;

My only gripe with the lipstick is that the name of the shade isn’t on the tube. It’s just ’04’ which is great, but I’d like a name, please. The other lipstick shade I have is in 02 Pretty Mauve.

Top to Bottom: Bronzer + Lavender Perfecting Powder, Lavender Perfecting Powder only, Bronzer only, Treasure Rose Blush, Mild Sangria lipstick

I am seriously impressed with Kiko Cosmetics. I appreciate that the shades aren’t so pigmented at first swatch where it becomes hard to blend out. It might be an issue for some people but for me it works out just fine. I honestly am thinking about my next purchase. They have some new products (not limited edition!!) and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Kiko Haul Part 3 is definitely in my future 😀




Tell me your thoughts!

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