At First Swatch: Touch In Sol Paper Pusher


It’s been a while since I’ve done a mascara post.

If you follow my instagram (@fishscalekisses), then you may have seen this tiny mascara in one of my Sephora haul flat lays. If not, then surprise!

In a past Sephora haul, I picked up a travel sized duo of Touch in Sol (a Korean brand) mascaras; Paper Pusher and Stretchex. I’m not too sure why Touch in Sol/Sephora thought it was a good idea to put two lengthening mascaras together – wouldn’t it have been better to have one lengthening and one volumizing mascara?? Anyway. I initially bought it  because Paper Pusher was more interesting to me than Stretchex.

Oooh~ lengthening~ fibers~ no. Paper Pusher is a lengthening mascara, however, the catch is that it’s made with paper fibers from traditional Korean paper. A quick google search tells me Korean paper is called hanji


In short, I am impressed by this mascara. It does lengthen (which I need) and it comes off easily (with an oil cleanser or makeup wipe – but I wouldn’t want to rub too aggressively on my eyes – makes wrinkles and wrinkles bad). This doesn’t irritate my eyes as past mascaras have done and thank gawd for it. Sometimes, I forget that I’m wearing mascara and rub my eyes (it’s a really bad habit) and then I stop because, OMG, I must’ve ruined my mascara. But no. Not with this magic hanji mascara.

Check out dem fibers

My only gripe with this mascara is the flakiness. This product does tend to flake, even when I don’t rub my eyes. But….I can forgive it. It’s nothing a little makeup wipe swipe can’t fix.

I totally forgot to take a before shot of my lashes. So, here’s a small description. They’re short. They stick out straight. They uncurl with wet mascaras. Waterproof mascaras are my lashes BFFFL. The end. If you want photos, check out my blog posts here and here to get an idea of how my naked lashes look.

Can you see my soul yet?

This photo looks like nothing, but trust me. My lashes are definitely lengthened. What I love about this mascara is that it doesn’t make my lashes look like a clumpy, spidery lash mess. I love that it evenly coats my lashes without weighing them down (wet mascaras often to that do my lashes) and this isn’t even a waterproof version…if they had any. Both mascaras (Paper Pusher and Stretchex) come in one regular form, so either they’re waterproof already or…they’re definitely some mascara magic.

Hanji magic, side view version

If you’re interested in trying out this mascara, you’re out of luck if you try Touch in Sol’s US website. It’s not listed on their website. However, if you head on over to Sephora’s website, it’s definitely there for $22USD. I can definitely see myself repurchasing this mascara. Unfortunately, the travel sized version I have of Paper Pusher and Stretchex are no longer available on Sephora’s website. *sadfaiz* But don’t let that stop you from purchasing the full sized ones!





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