That One Time USPS Was Really Helpful featuring RoseRoseShop


As an Asian Beauty newb, here’s one lesson that I’ve learned: Patience is a virtue.

A typical order for me (if I’m ordering off of a third party site) will take a month to get to me in California. It ships out of S. Korea, gets stuck in customs, gets sent to my local USPS and then it gets delivered to my humble abode. *cue confetti*

(Un)fortunately for me, this time around, my package got to me in a different way. But more on that later.

I’m not gonna lie and say, ‘OMG, I never look at Jolse/RRS/Testerkorea/etc… when I’m bored’. Because I totally do. All the time. So when I saw Skin79’s new cushions (for both oily and dry skin!), I had to have it. Especially when I saw the ‘swatches’ of the shades (just two shades). I had hope that the darkest would fit my skin tone.

Sidenote: I’m typically darker than most Korean shade selections.

Everywhere I searched had the new cushion at full price – I was so tempted – but then I read RoseRoseShop had recently stocked up on Skin79 products. I hopped on over there and voila, Skin79 cushion forΒ half off. Damn skippy, I put that in my cart. Along with other products.

Peripera Lumi Pang in More More, Zymogen samples, Aritaum Ginger Sugar Lip Balm Stick, A’pieu Nature Easy Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown




Samples I received. Note: When I made this order, I did have to say to include samples with my order.






So, that was my haul. My first time ordering from RoseRoseShop was pretty…eventful. It ended up being placed in a PO Box. …thing is, I don’t have a PO Box. My mail carrier didn’t have any idea about it when I caught him delivering my mail. I called the post office and it was all sorted there. Apparently, my address wasn’t on the box but instead of returning my box to sender, the postman placed it in my aunt’s PO Box (since we have the same last name). Obviously, I don’t have access to her PO Box. So, the lady I was on the phone with ended up taking the package out of the PO locker and let me come in to pick it up.

I later learned it was my fault that my address wasn’t on there.

So, moral of the story? Lesson Two: Always double check the forms you’re filling out.




2 thoughts on “That One Time USPS Was Really Helpful featuring RoseRoseShop

  1. YESSS!!!! I love Roseroseshop. It’s my absolute favorite Kstore and actually store in general to buy from because it’s so cheap!!! The only catch with them is they charge shipping based on weight which is why I try to order large so my shipping costs are worth what I am buying. Their skin products have never let me down, no matter the brand. You can’t go wrong with Kbeauty!! πŸ˜€

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