L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion in N3.5




AKA when the Western makeup world wants to make a cushion compact too. 

I was incredibly hesistant to purchase this cushion foundation, partly because I am very partial the Laneige BB Cream (shade Medium). I’m pretty familiar with Korean cushions and this is not very…close. It’s a good try though.

The hype around cushion foundations is so real. At least for me, it is. I’m always on the lookout for new cushions, especially if they fit my complexion. I figured since this cushion has a lot more shades than Korean cushion compacts, I would give it a try + I had a ridiculous coupon that dropped down the price. #neverpayfullprice

So, I must say, this isn’t like a Korean cushion filled with skincare benefits. This is basically their Lumi foundation poured into a compact. There’s no SPF, btw, so I’d suggest putting on some SPF before applying this.


As you can see, the cushion is packed with foundation. The holes in the cushion are large – too large for my liking. The packaging itself is plastic. There’s no resounding snap when it’s closed either. There’s also a foundation-y scent but it doesn’t smell that bad. Or maybe I’m just used to foundation smell.


SO MUCH PRODUCT DDDDDDDD8. The puff isn’t like Korean cushion puffs either, but really, I don’t know what I was expecting. No skincare benefits, no SPF, my expectations should’ve been lowered at this point but…


This shade a smidge too…neutral for me. I know I picked up N3.5 but in my defense when a coupon’s about to expire and the shade that would fit you isn’t in stock because putas take it all, you fix the shade match with bronzer. It’s a method that always works. ALWAYS.

I feel like the puff that comes with the cushion soaks up a lot of the product. I’ve tried washing the puff and it’s a no-go. It doesn’t get clean like the ruby-cell puffs. And, I must say: DO NOT THROW CAUTION TO THE WIND. I’ve watched tutorials/reviews of YTers using this product and they always tap/press too hard into the cushion. Please. Lightly tap the cushion into the sponge and taptaptap into the skin.


Here’s my bare face. At the time I did blog pictures for this product, I was having a crazy break out on my cheeks, probably from using something that didn’t agree with me. I have to say, my face is looking and feeling much better than 2-3 months ago when this was taken.


Here, the foundation cushion is on the right side (left side for you guys). It kind of matches, but I still feel like if the W4 or W2 shade was available, it would look a lot better.


I had some pimples on my right cheek, so that’s how it looked covered up.


OMFG, more pimples on my left cheek. This was a really bad breakout.


Here’s the cushion foundation all over. Skin is definitely looking more luminous as the name suggests and it does a good job evening out my skintone and covering up my blemishes.


The cheek pimples again…but covered up! I really liked the coverage of this cushion foundation.

Overall…for a Western product, this is okay. It’s a good step into delving into the cushion compact hype. However, it’s just a foundation poured into a cushion. If you’re oily skinned like me, you do have to use a primer before and a powder after to set the foundation and to keep it from slipping and sliding everywhere. For the 3 months, I’ve had this product, it’s now starting to run out. So, this isn’t going to last long, especially if you use this everyday.

Would I buy this again? Maybe. But only if I had a coupon and if my shade was available. This product retails for 16.99USD at Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, and Ulta. And wherever else you can find L’Oreal products, wherever you live.




Tell me your thoughts!

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