Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Chiffon



I never swooped up a product so fast.

I don’t remember how I came upon these products, honestly. I think I went onto Etude House Global’s website and…there they were. They were/are (?) discontinuing their other lipsticks and these are the replacements. They were on sale 30% off and so I picked 3. I tried to pick a decent shade range but it didn’t quite work out… (or maybe it did – it gives me the chance to order more…….)


I love them.

Etude House has two lines of the Dear My Blooming Lips-talk; one in Chiffon and one in Matt(e). According to their website, a chiffon texture is a mix between a creamy lipstick and a matte lipstick. Their claims for the chiffon texture include: making your lips feel thin (?) and light, fills in the wrinkles and lines on your lips, and is long lasting.

There are 12 Chiffon shades and 8 Matt(e) shades. I only picked up 3 of the chiffon shades, so next time, I’ll pick up some matt(e) and chiffon shades together. Because I definitely need more lipstick.

I’m down wid it.

First off, the packaging is super cute. It looks super sleek and little bit more…mature than the other lipstick packages. I don’t own of the other Dear My Lips lines, so I can’t compare.


The only gripe I have with the packaging is that there isn’t a corresponding shade on the bottom of the bullets.


That’s what the bottom of the bullets look like; with expiration dates, the shade name, and other miscellaneous stuff. Unless you organize your lipstick collection by shade, you won’t be able to find the correct color you’re looking for #timesbeingorganizedhelps.

Obligatory ingredients list.


The shades I ordered were RD313 (Pretty Chiffon Red), RD315 (Everlasting Chiffon Red), and BE110 (Waiting Chiffon Beige). I’m sure the characters on the box also show the name of the shade, however, I can’t read that…. So, I got the actual shade names off of the Etude House Global website.


Swatched on my arm, these aren’t one swipe. These swatches took a couple swatches to become opaque. Which isn’t that bad. The only one that would need more swipes would be BE110. The red shades (313 and 315), one swipe would be enough. One swipe of BE110 would be a really light wash of color.

BE110, RD313, RD315 – a bit hard to tell the difference between the two red shades with my lighting ^^;;

The scent of these lipsticks are really fruity. Think of like, the fruitiest gum on the market, and that’s it. You can’t taste it and it doesn’t linger on the lips that long. The scent doesn’t bother me but those who are sensitive to scents may want to be careful if you order these. Very fruity. Much fruity. The application is pretty smooth and none of the lipsticks tugged on my lips while I was applying it.

Here’s my lips with no product on. It’s pigmented, so these shades may look a little different on other skintones. *roll over photo for products on my face*

On my face: Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint in St. Moritz, Bourjois Silk Edition Compact Powder in Golden Beige (53), A’Pieu Easy Drawin Eybrow Pencil in Shade 03, theBalm Bronzer in Balm Desert, dear Klairs concealer under my eyes, Covergirl Full Lash Bloom waterproof mascara

I wore this during for about 6 hours (from the time of application to a little after my lunch). It obviously didn’t last through my lunch (rice + meat). But in terms of longevity, I’d say 6 hours is pretty good. I also didn’t experience any staining from the shade I used (BE110). From my arm swatches, RD313 and RD315 didn’t have much of a staining effect. The lipstick did transfer when I drank from my water bottle, so it isn’t completely transfer-proof.

I tried to do that half application/just bitten lips/those lips but I think I failed ^^;;


In terms of application, all three lipstick glide on creamy and settle down to a powdery matte finish after a couple minutes. As far as the claims so, these do feel really lightweight on the lips – not heavy at all;my lips also look pretty good to me – it doesn’t settle into fine lines; and while it’s not long lasting, I don’t mind reapplying. It’s not drying but it also isn’t completely moisturizing. I suggest wearing lip balm (and removing it!) for a couple minutes (maybe while you’re doing your makeup), just in case the lipstick makes your lips look less than perfect.


Overally, I’m completely satisfied with these lipsticks. I love the formula and the shade range. I almost wish I picked up more shades (especially BE109) but c’est la vie. I’ll pick some up when I’m ready to do a huge haul.

Thanks for reading!





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