Missha Magic M Cushion #27 Swatches


I got my hands on something wonderful (other than the Etude House Chiffon lipsticks).

Ever since it started getting warmer and hotter in San Diego, I’ve out-tanned my usual cushion and switched to foundations that match my skintone. But my love for cushion compacts runs too deep. They are easy to use and so convenient. But I’m rambling. I’ve recently received my Missha order for their cushion in 27 during their Memorial Day sale. No review for this product, since I already have reviewed the cushion in 23 (you can read that here). I’ll be posting swatches and comparisons with other cushions I have. Read on!


Ugh, that perfect untouched cushion ❤ I ordered the cushion + refill set off of Missha’s US website. The refill, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a replacement puff. That will have to be ordered off of their website. I happen to like the Missha puff, so I’ll probably order it sometime in the future.


Old vs. New. Nothing new in terms of packaging to report on. Moving on.


I really wished they included a puff with the refill. I do wash my puffs but…a new puff with the refill is appreciated all around.


Left -23; Right – 2720160604_144654

Top – 23; Bottom – 27. As you can see, 27 is slightly darker than 23 in the cushion.


Again, the top is 23 and the bottom is 27. The shade 27 is definitely more yellow than 23. My left hand (shown) is darker than my face since it’s the sun more when I drive.

Obligatory ingredients list. There isn’t anything new or different about the ingredients other than the order of the ingredients. It may be because the first Magic M cushion I received was in Korean and the box for 27 is in English.


Other subtle changes between the Korean box and the English box…


The Global Missha logo moved! Rest assured, they are both on the Korean and English box. Only because I know some people worry about authenticity. 🙂

Finally, to end this post; swatch comparisons! Unfortunately, I am not matched to any MAC foundations at the moment. I highly suggest you take a look at My Shade References page to get an idea of my skin tone.


Current cushions that work well with my skin tone. From top to bottom: Missha 27, Loreal Lumi Cushion N3.5, Innisfree 31, and Laneige (Target) Medium. In my personal opinion Missha 27 and Innisfree 31 look the same, but the Innisfree shade definitely more yellow and slighter darker than 27.

I lied. Here’s two more photos. The first is from my snapchat (je_suislorraine, if you wanna add me!) and the second is after my internships (roughly 10-11 hours after application)

The second photo was without blotting ~so much shine~ I’d say Missha 27 is a really great match for me. I absolutely love the Missha cushion. I’m so glad I got this shade. Hopefully, these swatches were helpful for you all who are similar to my skin tone!





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